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Reclaim Your Life- Alcohol Rehab Center
A liquid genie, trapped in a bottle, stands before me. It is not so much the idea of letting her flow as the desire to consume her that tempts me to uncork the bottle. The genie, as always assures to take me to HIGH Land at its consumption.

   Drunk WomenAnd this HIGH land promises a feeling of elation and freedom from sorrow, anxiety and troubles as long as I stay there. But in these promises of fake pleasure, my entire existence becomes unreal. By the time I realize this fact; the genie has played havoc in my life and overtaken my family and career.

This background underlies the lives of thousands of people who enter Alcohol Rehab Centers to reclaim their lives from the genie. The battle is certainly not easy because this genie like alcohol has become so much a part of your body and life that giving it up requires lot of financial and family support, apart from your own tenacious hold. And more than your mind, it is the heart and the soul’s support that will shore you up. A person, who enters a rehab centre, has of course decided to quit his addiction. But a rehab helps you to stick to your decision, empowering you mentally and physically to remain de-addicted till sobriety is again a reflection of your personality.

Rehab Centers are not hospitals because Alcoholism is not a disease. Alcohol or drug addiction is a chosen behavior or habit of a person. The rehab centers work to change your state of mind and reform this habit. In this process the body will also undergo changes because it is accustomed to certain stimulants, the non-consumption of which will have withdrawal symptoms. The Recovery Centers employ group counseling, individual counseling, educational and informative lectures and temporary medication in the struggle to reclaim your life from the clutches of alcohol. Some people hold the opinion that Rehab Centers only lead to your family’s or your own hard earned money into the drains. This might be true for those people whose mind understands and accepts that alcohol is ruining them but the heart still gives in to the temptations of genie. It is like having eyes but being blind. Honesty is a very challenging virtue and the fact that you are true to yourself in admitting your addiction is the first step towards positive transformation. But acceptance does not change bad behavior, action does. The Rehab Program will be successful only to the extent you are ready to co-operate and follow the rules. It is like schools which does the same for all its students, but while some students make it to the top of the ladder; others are stuck in the middle or at the bottom. Your well-being and success is your own responsibility.

The foremost truth to remember is that you are not sick; however, your unrestrained drinking does have lot of pharmacological effects. The liver and nervous system are the primary victims, with some gastrointestinal ailments showing up and alcoholics not quitting decreasing their life expectancy by 10-15 years. You need to understand that any psychiatric counseling is done not because you are mentally ill, but to make you aware of your courage and clear your misconception that you cannot live without alcohol (for both physical and psychological alcoholics). Physical alcoholics have strong bodily cravings for alcohol while psychological alcoholics have anxiety, panic and restlessness in the absence of alcohol. But why will an alcoholic want to add years to his life after abusing himself for so long and enjoying it all the way? It cannot be a sudden regard for his physical health alone. He must have a higher destination, which can be reached only through de-addiction. You make a decision to throw the bottle out of your life but what will make you stick to it. Will Power is the correct answer but only partially. Yes, it will require immense determination not to give in to your compelling urge to have a sip of that deadly nectar. But determination without direction can have rather wrong and worse consequences. At times, if we resist something very strongly, it results in accumulated angst and re-emergence of acute desire. This could be true for alcohol or other drugs because our body and mind are so habituated to it that giving it up requires more than will power. Your addiction has cost you your family, children, career and may be the love of your life. You missed out on those beautiful moments of life, which would have been a sheer joy to live with. But if you have the intense desire to reorganize your life and can visualize once again reveling in midst of your family and friends, influencing your subordinates and impressing your seniors, your decision and determination will work wonders in your life.

But for this visualization to come true, you must first have a deeper and higher vision. Your soul is a part of the pure and sacred Higher Energy, thus making you equally pious and special in the scheme of creation. Nothing is abominable about you or your existence. Grant yourself forgiveness and free yourself from all compunctions. Only then can you look beyond the past and direct your future. Your soul is ever willing to give you another chance to resurrect your life and self-image. Do not let your soul down. Your mind can distinguish between right and wrong but it needs your heart to walk on the correct path. Let your honesty, will, forgiveness and courage work together to redeem your heart mind and soul. Lastly a word of caution, do not ride the bottled genie, because it carries you too far from your life and costs you other precious lives (your family and friends). You do not deserve this evil genie neither does the genie deserve your insatiable love for it. Look around you, there are bigger and beautiful things in the world to spend your life for. Some of the rehab centers The Camp Recovery Center, California Harmony Place, California Keystone Treatment Center, South Dakota Bowling Green Brandywine, Pennsylvania Life Center of Galax, Virginia Orchid Recovery Center for Women, Florida. Narconon, South California However there are many more alcohol rehab centers in different countries.


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