Reiki The Energy Healing System

Everyone on this earth wants to live healthy, happy and prosperous life. All these words are interrelated. Healthy person-happy person and he can work hard for the prosperity also. Everything in this universe is vibrating and has its energy field around it.

Every planet has its spherical field. In human beings, animals and inanimate we call it aura “Yatha Pindey Tatha Bhrahmandey” are famous words of the scriptures. Everything on this earth or in universe is the condensed energy/or the condensed seed form of the cosmic energy. In yoga seven chakras and seven energy bodies are described and everything is made of five elements. Five fingers representing five elements and the lower chakras represent Earth, (root chakra) Hara (Water) Solar Plexus (Fire) Heart, (Air). If there is any imbalance in the free flow of energy in these chakras, that leads to illness of the particular part of the body. In all these energy healing system like Reiki. Pranic Haling, etc. the healer tries to maintain the balance. The male energy enters through the crown chakra and the female energy enters through the root chakras through the pranic passage: but this flow is affected by the other factors like Vaastu. If a person is residing in a Vaastu defective house there will be a negative flow of energy. So during my research on energy field in healing through Reiki Pranic, Mantras and astro, therapy I came to know that in case of Vaastu defect, the person falls sick again sometime after the treatment. So the best way to achieve health happiness and prosperity is through Vaastu and after the Vaastu correction, the Reiki Healing/Pranic or any other kind of healing will be more effective and permanent. The purpose of all this healing system is to maintain balance in the energy level.

India is the country which is rich in its heritage but we are getting our knowledge through the foreigners. We Indians never want to part with the knowledge and that knowledge dies with the person. For example, Reiki was the energy used by Lord Rama when Sugreev was badly injured and Rama put his hand on the injured parts and asked him to fight Bali again on the next day. The same energy was used by Lord Krishna when Pariakshit was born dead and Lord Krishna rejuvenate Parikshit into life again. This knowledge remained with the Budhist monks and luckily rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. The same energy was used by Sai Baba and Guru Nanak Devji also. It connects the person to the divine. When light enters, darkness go out. It completely changes the life style of a person. The plus point of this system of healing is that the healer never feel depleted.

During my research I came to know that the karmas can be changed to some extent and the planetary position can also be changed to give relief to a person. In astrotherapy I am taking the help of astrology, gems, mantras etc. to give relief to a person. Mantras as in Yoga vibrates the aura and creates healthy atmosphere suitable to the person. Another subject on which a log of literature is available in and outside our country, is yoga and meditation. Books on Pranayama and yoga meditation are coming up everday. But to my mind majority of people are unable to understand yoga and pranayama. Yoga is only physical exercise aasnas etc. for the common man. Pranayama is breath control and people are teaching like that, but to me Yoga and Pranayama is entirely a different thing as revealed to me by my invisible masters. Breath is no prana, it is simply the vehicle of Prana. A child in the womb gets the prana without breathing and Pranayama is to control/or command the prana and then you can send this energy anywhere in the body and for that there is no need of all sort of exercises. It is very simple. Feel the presence of prana. Breath goes upto the lungs but there are 72 billion cells in our body and each requires prana to function. Energy flows with thought and the same principle is being applied in all energy healing especially in pranic healing, the healer sends the required prana to the desired chakras and balances the level of living force. Reiki balances it automatically because this energy comes from a higher source and very intelligent energy. It knows where to reach in the body.  Yoga and meditation is also one way to keep the mind and body in balance. Yoga is communian with the cosmic. People are stressing a lot on meditation and Yoga which is undesirable. Action has its reaction. In meditation there is no end of concentration and meditation. Sit and close your eyes and allow whatever thought is coming to you. Don’t desire anything. It will remove the stress.

Most of the problems in this world are due to stress and that is why heart chakras and with stress it becomes dirty and leading to heart diseases. In the end I beacon my friends to come closer to the cosmic and feel the presence and surrender to the cosmic to remain happy and stress free. All these systems starting from Astrology, Reiki; Pranic healing Vaastu etc. are there to help you to rectify the imbalance.

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