Rishikesh-Heaven on Earth


A stay in this abode of heaven is the most tranquil experience one can get. A majestic escape to gushing river Ganga and surrendering oneself into its lap brings immense joy and pleasure to the vacationer. Rishikesh boasts of its philosophy and mythology. An array of mysticism and spirituality is found in every corner.

The book shops, the temples, the streets, the accommodation, the food and the lifestyle. All add a dash of worthiness and welcome spirit which is not seen anywhere. Foreign tourists flock here in search of peace. They live in the simplest conditions and soak themselves in the warmth of the town. It is also a renowned retreat for Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. The Department of Tourism organizes an International Yoga week in the month of February every year. Rishikesh is an amalgamation of adventure clubbed with divinity and supremacy. The town has a lot to offer. It is very fondly visited by tourists from abroad, but Indians also flock there to get peace and tranquility. It is generally a classification of five different districts.

The commercial center, The Swarg Ashram, Muni-ki-Reti in the quiet suburbs, Shivananda Nagar to the North and Lakshman Jhula. It is located in the Tehri-Grhwal region of Uttar Pradesh. The river is surrounded by an array of temples which seem awesome at night when they are beautifully adorned with lights. It is at a height of 1360 ft above sea level.


The temperature in the summers do not go beyond 40 degrees and the winters are usually pleasant.


The Triveni Ghat is the most predominant bathing place in the town. With its sandy beaches the ghat is a perfect place for a dip in the holy waters to cleanse your soul. The mornings are a treat to watch people come to the ghat for prayer and feed the fish in the crystal waters. The evenings comprise of lit up atmosphere where the town is reverberated with sounds of Arti. The famous Lakshman jhula is located here. It is 2 ft above the water level. This 450 ft long suspension bridge was built in 1939. A newer bridge by the name of Ram Jhula is also added. Thousands of people walk on the jhula to reach the other end and come across temples like Swargashram and Geeta Bhawan. An aroma of scented incents and flowers make the place a religious domain and mark for a peaceful belongingness. The Bharat Mandir near Triveni Ghat is known to be the oldest temple. The deity is a black stone Vishnu which has been consecrated by Sri Adi Shankaracharya when he visited Rishikesh in 9th century. Muni-ki-Reti is the ideal place for a dip. This place is situated along the Chandrabhaga river. It is surrounded by white sands. White water rafting : A famous place Shivpuri which is 18 km upstream and Kaudiyala that is 38 kms up offers a perfect place for rafters.



Parmath Niketan : It runs a traditional Indian school and a guest house.

Ananda in the Himalayas: A luxurious retreat 16 kms ahead is a calling for people who love to bathe in luxury and get a welcome feel in spas and rejuvenation center.

The Ganga Beach Resort : On the Lakshman Jhula road.

Hotel Ganga View

Hotel Rajmahal


By Car : It takes about 6 hrs and 30 minutes.

By Train: There are morning and Evening trains from Delhi to Haridwar.

Morning :

Shatabdi Express: Departure 0710AM Arrival 1120 AM

Evenings :

Jan Shatabdi Express : Departure 1530 Arrival 2130

Fare : AC Chair car : Rs. 385(one way)

By Air :

Delhi to Dehradun

AIR DECCAN ? DN509 Departure 10:55 Arrival 11:45


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