Science of Life-World Peace-Yajna

Science of Life-World Peace-Yajna

World-peace and pollution-free world possible only through Yajna.

Man, at every moment, tries to tread ahead towards supremacy. He puts in all efforts to achieve all during his life. On account of being committed to the social life, he does not go astray becoming unfair, unjust and tyrant to fulfill all he desires. Whatever is earned by a man in this world should include his brevity, sincere efforts or Purushartha and inspiration of firm resolution. This is because by virtue of possessing thoughtfulness, he is known as a man. After coming into the world, he performs physical journey, a journey of life. The prime desire of the life-journey is to hoard various means of comforts for the human life. But desires never end and therefore, whatever means of comforts are needed by him to remain as a man and to perform his life and physical journey, if include a sense of pity and empathy, religion, fearlessness, brevity, words of blessings of great people, non-violence and compassion towards other people and creatures, can transform the life-journey of such a man into a Yajna. When a man is born, his basic life is full of ignorance and he starts learning just after he is born. At this stage, the first and foremost teachers are the lap of the mother and love of his father. In ancient India, education pertaining to the Pancha Yagna was essential along with other necessary education considered as useful for life. Efforts were made to protect the humanity in the world with these Panch Yajnas.

1. Paternal Yajna or Pitra Yajna: – Under this Yajna the pupils were imparted education relating to maintain a sense of service, devotion and respects towards parents. This Yajna was treated as a basic source of inspiration to keep the mother and the father at the highest place or at the place of God, in life which echoes from. Mitra Devo Bhava, Pitra Devo Bhava.

2. Sage Yajna or Rishi Yajna: – The Sage Yajna or Rishi Yajna meant to have been linked to the sages, saints and great people. What rules should be followed by humanity to march ahead towards supremacy, How should we defend the family, society and the country from the clutches of devils and demons? What kind of Constitution should be there for the social life journey of human beings. How should we protect our mind? These are the questions which relate to the education based on the life-style and knowledge of saints, sages and great people. To follow their foot-prints is called as the Sage Yajna or Rishi Yajna.

3. Bhoot Yajna:– Bhoot Yajna means all human being of the world. With this Yajna, man was taught that this world does not exist for only one person. It is not only I who am excellent or respectable, but there are also others like me. Others, agonies and sorrows are mine too. This is why the human society of the entire world should think of the welfare of one another. A feeling of this is mine and that is your’s is for the ignorant and unwise people. Wise men treat all human-beings of the whole world as a one unit of their family.

4. Bali Vaishwa Dev Yajna:– By this Yajna people were imparted education about maintaining a sense of empathy towards animals and birds.

5. Dev Yajna:– Dev Yajna means Excellent Yajna. Now a days this kind of Yajna is called as Hawan. In this Yajna, ghrita or ghee and other kinds of fragrant and aromatic objects are dedicated to fire in the Hawan Kund by a specific method amid chanting of Ved Mantras. According to the Indian Philosophical thoughts, the seven layers responsible for running the Universe may be protected only by the Hawan Yajna. In the holy book Gita, Lord Sri Krishna has said that the Hawan Yajna is the only way to purify cereals, water and the wind.

According to Maharashi Patanjali purification of food is highly essential for the purification of heart. The three main foods of a man are:
1. Cereals or food grains
2. Water
3. Wind

If it is deeply perceived, all the three basic foods,cereals, water and wind/air have become polluted. It is understood if the food is polluted, thinking will get polluted. On account of thinking being polluted, man has become the greatest enemy to human society. As a result, there is no peace all over the world and restlessness is bent upon galloping the whole atmosphere. Hence, it is essential to balance the entire world by the Hawan Yajna.
How the Hawan purifies cereals, water and wind. When we burn ghee and other aromatic objects by performing a special activity, the fragrance produced with this gets mixed in the air where it kills various viruses and bacteria. Mixing up of air and vapour purifies the vapour. On getting purified vapour purifies the rain-water. Thus, Hawan purifies air and water. Cereals, fruits etc. sustain only on water and air and, therefore, if water and air are polluted, cereals will certainly get polluted, because act is always according to the cause. It means if cause is impure, the act can not avoid its impact and will become impure. If the cause is pure, the act will necessarily be pure. Thus, with the Hawan Yajna, water and air will be pollution-free and this will ensure purification of cereals, fruits etc. Lord Krishna has preached in the Geeta that the God has provided mankind with cereals, water, air, fruits etc. for use in life. Therefore, it becomes the first and foremost duty of man to protect them. If these (Cereals, air, water etc.) are free of pollution, it is a boon for mankind. In view of this, it is necessary that we should not only consume these objects, but do something to protect them also. Lord Sri Krishna has said in the Gita that people who consume cereals, water, air and the like objects, but do not care for their protection are not less than Thieves. (Geeta-3-11, 12).
In conclusion, purity of heart and purity of thinking is badly required to create an empire of love and peace all over the world. The above mentioned five Yajna, particularly the Hawan Yajna can lead the humanity towards the world-fraternity.

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