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Well, for starters, we should talk about what the aura is, and how the various
schools of thought view it. The common view of the aura is some sort of glow
that surrounds all objects.



The glow may be a visible glow, a
feel, a sound, a temperature change – it all depends on whom you ask, since
almost everyone senses the aura in different ways. The visual perception of the aura is usually the most sought after method of sensory detection of the aura, and allows the flexibility when working with the aura. Visual perception also tends to be the most difficult method for most people to master as well. Almost everyone is capable of viewing the aura, it is just a matter of training and practice.It is a matter of using a part of natural vision that most people haven’t exercised since they were a little kid. Is the aura real, or something that I imagine? Contrary to many people’s belief, the aura is quite real and viewable – after some practice, it is as easy to view as the text you are reading now. All it needs is a little imagination; then train your eyes for that visual perception. After that, it moves on to combining a few optical illusions with your imagination – and finally, after your eyes are trained, you can easily see it with minimal concentration. Now, the question of validity is something completely different (some people are skeptical). Over the years, many experiments were done in many countries to either prove or disprove the existence of the aura.

And much to their surprise those involved could not disprove its existence. Its called Kirlian photography and it was first developed in the Soviet union- a type of picture taken using extremely high power electricity. The experiment placed an object, preferably a live object such as a leaf (live objects tend to have much brighter aura’s than stones or metals) on a plate, and photographed the aura surrounding the outside of the object. The pictures did indeed show the aura – then they wanted to see of it was merely electrostatic discharge, so they did something interesting. They took a leaf, and tore it in half seconds before they put it on the plate and photographed it. The surprise for them was that the picture was of half of a leaf, but it had the aura of a whole leaf – even the missing section had a glow in the exact shape it would have been. After a minute or two, and several photo’s later, the aura of the missing piece fades away and assumes the shape of the ripped leaf. This was repeated several times, each being more careful not to do anything that might explain the phenomenon. Each time, they successfully photographed the actual aura. Now, this experiment shows something, but it is only a small part of what makes up an aura – and doesn’t prove that people can see it (at least to the scientific community), so they did a different experiment here at a college in the USA. Here’s how the experiment went. They had viewers set up to see large, standing, opaque sheets. There were several of these sheets across the room from them. The experiment had a person hide behind of these sheets to see if the viewers could see the aura rising over the top of the correct sheet. The viewers were able to pin-point the person every time – they were even able to tell when the scientists were try to trick them, and there was nobody behind the sheets.


There have been even more experiments
than the two mentioned, but they are just an example of the results. Hopefully,Self Healing_2
this data can silence the inner skeptic that lives inside of each of us.
(skepticism is healthy and needed, especially to avoid spiritual hoaxes and
incongruity). OK – it’s a glow – but what IS it? If you ask ten people from
different back grounds, you’ll get ten different answers to that question. I’ll
go over the various popular views on it, and then show you how they are all the
same basic thing. Let’s start from the very mundane, and work our way forward.
The scientist that accepts the aura as a real thing will usually tell you – the
aura is an energy discharge, consisting of electrostatic and thermal radiation
that exists were ever there is energy. That’s about it. Next, ask a new-age
person – your typical answer would be – it’s your ethereal body showing through
to this dimension. You see it through your third eye, because the third eye is
the eye of your soul. Next – the spiritualist – they will normally tell you it
is a reflection of your spiritual energy radiating outwards, connecting you to
the mystic world, and the infinite other directions.

It links the physical body to the ethereal body, or soul. The religious person will tell you that it is the light of spirit, the connection to deity, god, the goddess, etc. The visible aura is a sign of enlightenment – this is actually the reason for the halo in biblical paintings. The aura tends to be brightest around the head area on people. Shamans usually refer to this as the fire in the head. Now – ask your typical shaman what an aura is – they will tell you that it’s all of the above, and reflects your current state of being and balance and health. Now, you may have noticed that all these answers are very similar – that’s because no matter whom you ask, the aura is still basically the same thing. It’s a personal decision as for what context to put it into. The pagan spiritualists should consider all views on it, especially when doing healing work with the aura. Training yourself to see the Aura To see the aura correctly and accurately requires some training and lots of practice. You must train your eyes an how to receive the spectrum that the aura resides in. First, the easiest method tends to be the focus-out method (as I call it). Basically, this entails staring at one small fixed spot right near the object you want to see the aura of. Stare at the spot for as long as you can – while staring, concentrate on your peripheral vision. Widen that vision as much as possible, then slightly defocus your eyes. as you do, everything seems to fade out of vision except for the one small spot you are staring at. This is kind of a forced tunnel vision. Then relax your eyes and look at the object or person whom you are viewing. The aura will quickly appear, and it will be vibrant. Examine the aura as much as possible before it fades again. At first it will fade too quickly before you have a chance to examine the aura at all. After several repetitions, the aura will last longer and more clearly. Another method that works good for me is the finger tip to finger tip method. Basically, stick you pointer fingers out and keep the rest of your fingers in a fist. Hold your hands up and touch the tips of those fingers. Stare at the point where they touch, and very very slowly separate the fingers.


Self Healing_3Move them at about the speed of the minute hand on a clock. When they first separate, they will appear to still be touching, even though they are not. As they get a little farther, you’ll see a faint ray of light connecting the fingertips. The light will be slightly lighter than the surroundings – that light will surround the entire hand. As they go a little farther apart, the light will change colors, and you may see what look like sparks or clouds connecting the to finger tips. Then as they get farther apart, you’ll see the bond between them disappear. Slowly, look at your arms – you’ll be able to see the aura at this point. It may take several tries, but you will get it – keep exercising like that for several days or weeks in a row. As you do it more, the aura will get brighter, clearer, and more full of color.

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