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sex-therapyGender was created by Nature for her own purpose. Men are creatures of ambition, and women are creatures of emotion. Yes, women can have ambition, and yes men can have emotions.

But only a woman can be overwhelmed by emotion, which is why she can succeed at achieving emotional ecstasies fairly well. A man must encounter plenty of obstacles before he can enter emotional highlights. He has to work hard to develop such extreme emotion. Of course men are better than women on the path of Knowledge. Only woman is meant to be more closely bound to the world than are men. Only women can give birth which means the process of taking a spirit and enmeshing it in physical existence. A woman’s job is to clothe spirit in matter. Even physically we can find evidence of this truth. The vagina, a hollow organ. Hollow means empty. A woman has a basic emptiness which she is always trying to fill and which can best be filled a man. A man has a solid, firm penis which is always on the lookout for emptiness which can be filled. The vagina is an expansible organ, it change size to fit any penis. The penis does not change size to fit the vagina, it is the vagina that makes the adjustment and clutches the penis tightly. Just as the proton is enveloped be the cloud of electron which whirl about it, so is the man surrounded by his woman, physically and mentally. This fact makes women more superficial than men. These organs are made to move by the ego alone. They can take one to the heights of success if they are controlled, and if they are misused-down one goes. The qualities of good wife or woman are when her husband or mate is troubled or tired or fed up with life or needs advice, she is friend, companion, and advisor. In his work she shoulders part of his load, as a servant would, she share his karmas with him. She is his better half . Sex which is divine plays a very great role in their deep love and strong association .

Sex is very divine and created by nature to make a union of two beings man and woman into one and bring them so close that they stand by each other. With the sex which is very divine they carry on the natures’ job of creating new beings and become co creators with Universal Soul. According to OSHO the greatest contemporary mystic of the 20th century Sex should be treated with respect . He even wrote the controversial Sex To Salvation a book and audio video which defines Sex between man and woman as a way to achieve salvation . His out spoken way of preaching Sex was highly criticised by the conservative society around him. But he was extremely fearless in expressing his thoughts and approach on any subject besides Sex as well . His foreign disciples really appreciated his approach to Sex and came to his Ashram in hoards. Pune ashram in INDIA saw men and women from America , London , Australia , Spain , Germany , Austria and almost all the countries . His Sex to Salvation made him a world popular Saint who had enormous knowledge on every subject in the universe as he achieved enlightenment at the age of twenty one . Today the critics realize that his approach to Sex was correct . He was only born beyond the times .It is treat to read Sex to Salvation as it provides so much of preaching on sex and sex therapy and its divine nature .

When she feeds him and cares for him when he is ill, a wife must be mother her husband or mate. Most important, a good wife or a woman will always encourage her man to reach his goals, since he is doing it for her also. They have become two parts in the same being. If a man and woman can cooperate like this then the sky is the limit for what they can achieve together. Nowadays such well-balanced couples are so rare as to be almost nonexistent, and this all because Men and women no longer know who they are and what they are supposed to do.

Every woman has the extreme power but very few women know their own capabilities , all because of the heavy overlay of karmas which obscures their Sex Therapy_2perception. Control of a woman can never be force, which produces too many deleterious effects. Control must always be by love alone if it is to be effective. Nature wants men to control women that no one should ever think that women are in any way inferior to men. Women are different from men emotionally, and they have their won advantages which men cannot claim. For example once a woman decides to do something and sets her mind to it no force can dissuade her. Once an object is electrified the electricity never leaves on its won, it must be drawn away.

This explain why women are more passionate then men. They abandon themselves to their passion, they lose themselves in it. Most people don’t understand the natural differences between the sexes as well as they should. This is why there is so much misunderstanding between men and women and why men have become so passive and women so aggressive .

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