Shiva Shakti

Brahma Satya is the Creators Energy – Always In Its Purest Form – Always Unconditional – Always The Same For One And All – Always Devoid Of Any Caste, Creed Or Religion.

Brahma Satya is also expressed through by Shiva-Shakti, the whole and complete primal energy.
And the system of Brahma Satya operates upon this elemental primal universal supreme energy. Shiva-Shakti is Brahma Satya and Brahma Satya is Shiva-Shakti.

Brahma Satya, hence, is also referred to as the system that moves itself propelled by and through the divine energy. It is thus, always beneficial for all be it anywhere, anytime.Shiva-Shakti is the primal energy emanating continuously from the universal source and can never be exhausted. Shiva-Shakti is that form of primal vibration, which is associated with anything and everything existing in the universe, of any form or formless. Anything existing in the universe is only energy in different forms, and any of these energies, natural or scientific, are nothing but different manifestations of Shiva-Shakti. Right from living to non-living, form or formless, working on natural or scientific energies, each and everything lie within the unlimited expanse of Shiva-Shakti. There exists no place in reality or fiction, where the applications of Shiva-Shakti be not applicable. Shiva-Shakti is the representative of the undefinable creator parent, the single source of universal existence, and is emanating out continuously.

Brahmasatya is moving towards unity

We are unifying ourselves wherever we may be In loving, grateful respect towards one and all, Creating vertical expansions through horizontal movements.

Do join the light if the unification is far; Strengthen the path which is bright; Offer your loving care as well as only whatever you can do, And watch how you create the world as you want it to be through us as your worker.

Come, join us, be unified with us, become a worker, then watch yourself grow as you work with us. Do just as much and what you can. Allow yourself to reach new heights of working capacities.

Love is in you! Love from a humble creature attempting to create a global unified family from existing divided sections realizing and paving the means to attain various inputs as it moves.

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