Tantrik Sex – Yoga – Spiritual Energy


Real vajroli is not only about retaining semen during ejaculation, though this is what gets all the press coverage. With inner silence and ecstatic conductivity (kundalini) coming up in the nervous system, there is a constant release of semen at the root, and constant absorption up into the bladder, and beyond. Then inner lovemaking never stops. The bladder has a higher function, which is processing the energy upward into the higher neuro-biology. Spiritual biology happens in the GI tract also, and is very noticeable once kundalini is moving significantly a mixing of air, food, and sexual essences.

It can be traced from the GI tract up into the head, and back down into the GI tract again in the form of nectar. Yes, I have vajroli of that natural ongoing variety, and also to a large degree during ejaculation, though I still use some blocking to aid it when necessary. The main thing is that the flow of sexual energy is being drawn up constantly, 24/7, and this is best stimulated by long term daily practice of the full range of advanced yoga practices.

Just as we continue to evacuate the bowels even as the spiritual biology is actively going on in the GI tract, so too do we continue to urinate even as the spiritual biology is going on in the bladder. Once the higher spiritual biology is established and stable, these functions become very strong and unshakable. Then there is not so much worry about performances like vajroli. Like with siddhasana, the mechanics of vajroli practice fade into the ongoing functioning of our spiritual biology, and we don’t give it much thought once that stage is reached. We are off into ecstatic bliss and divine love bubbling out by then. That is how we are illuminated by sexual energy coming up inside.

Undoubtedly it is better to be having a constant steady feed of sexual essence going up into the higher biology that is little affected by urination, than to have a large infusion from a recovered ejaculation, by either blocking or vajroli, which is then mostly lost in the next urination. Hence the rationale for developing continence and/or holdback-style tantric practice which stimulates the long term upward cultivation of sexual energy. All of this applies to women also, with the mechanics being nearly the same.

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