Teaching the kids_about kindness

Kindness is the virtue all young ones are born with. It slowly disappears from our roots the moment we start growing up.

The act of kindness soon starts taking a back seat once people start developing habits of hatred and contempt amongst themselves. It often becomes an incompetent task to raise children in this world fostering in them good values of kindness and geniuses. The most important thing we seem to forget is the fact that children are imitators and like mimickery artists tend to copy each thing they watch. It can be a bad habit of lying, stealing, abusing, disrespecting or lethargic living. Apart from that, habits like sharing, loving, respecting, obeying are acts of kindness which young ones pick up very fast. We are like mirrors for the kids. Whatever we tend to do good or bad is sooner or later picked up by our kids. It is difficult to escape the truth about us. We might be living in a camouflage of goodness, but our acts prove us wrong when our kids show us the reflection by enacting our part. Act of kindness are as simple ABC. Your little good deeds like helping someone out of the way, making a meal for your new neighbors or inviting needy people to your house will help the child in learning the values of good efforts and their results. The love and appreciation from people who are helped by you is the biggest proof to your kids that kindness still exists and it can never be replaced by money.

The good deeds are rarely taught in schools where the emphasis is only on curriculum-based study. It is the effort at home that matter. Home is that place which is the breeding ground of good and bad habits. They tend to pick up good habits from age one. They offer their dolls to their friends or siblings; they cry when another baby is crying. Kindness multiplies itself in number. An act of kindness never goes waste. Another one always compliments a good deed done. Empathy, compassion Kindness and love grow from appreciation and respect. Even in a competitive world where children are taught to come first and not second, they should be appreciated for their efforts if they have not reached their goal rather than be rebuked or taunted.

Rewards on acts of kindness should be given so as to heighten the spirit of good deeds. Simple acts of goodness are as following, which tend to go a long way in the journey of life:

  • Appreciating the house maid for the work she did

  • Offer someone to cross the road

  • Help a friend with his/her home work

  • Take a side for someone who is being bullied

  • Accompany someone in your school who is neglected amongst his friends

  • Prepare something delicious and offer your neighbors

  • Hug your parents or friends

  • Always tend to keep up a big smile

Reminding your children that these simple gestures can change someone’s lives encourages them all the more. It gives them a sense of achievement and satisfaction which money cannot buy.

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