Teens Evaluate Love Over Lust

As I stepped inside the college campus, my eyes were transfixed at that tall, chiseled face athletic guy standing in the corner and oozing masculinity. “Wow” is what I exclaimed and my heart instinctively wished to adorn the front seat of his car. By noon, when I was leaving college I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of him again but my hopes came crashing down when I saw him boarding the local bus.

 I felt like screaming “Hey where’s your car I imagined you with.” But to my better luck I saw another hunk and this time getting down his Mercedes and striding towards the college. My heart fluttered at his sight. But by night as I lay to bed, a few questions intrigued me. And I am still groping for answers. I wonder what is more important to me, the guy or his car, the person or his palace, the goodness of his heart or the charms of his face. Shouldn’t I be looking for more values than mere virility and social status in another person. I realized my greed has overtaken my sense of feelings and emotions and further my feelings are deceptive and wavering to their best. This story is equally applicable to my male counter parts. Man is a storehouse of incessant desires. Desires are not wrong or bad by themselves. They are born of natural instinct . We desire for food, comforts, friendship, love , sex , money , wealth, luxuries and it is birth right also . Desires have been the same since the evolution of man, what has changed is our perception of desires and means to fulfill them. And the worst victim of our skewed understanding has been our very foundation of life and that is human relationships. It is here that the tussle between love and lust takes center stage. Our need for instant gratification of senses is behind all the hue and cry of the world. Love has been thrown out of the window and with it are gone care, kindness and patience. The lust for power and wealth has seen millions die from the time of Alexander to present day of IRAQ war and BIN LADEN ‘S TERROR MACHINE . We can rule others either by winning their heart or clutching at their freedom terrorizing them with fear of the unknown . Sadly we are finding ourselves choosing more and more of the other option and pillaging others’ lives to satisfy our surfeit.

Talking of relationships at a more personal level includes our friends and family. Though we cannot choose our family, it is a shame that we choose our friends depending on the model of his mobile, cost of his car and area of his residence. We do not want friends but any individual who can enhance our social status with his company. Our seat of emotion and intellect are both blinded by the fake sheen of materialism which has unknowingly made us lonely and depressed so much so that we need shrinks by teenage and succumb to suicidal attempts by youth.

But looking at the most intimate human relationship is between a man and a woman. It is here that the aspect of lust truly comes into play. We cannot deny the fact that we live in times of multiple sexual partners. Why do you think we lose interest in one person so quickly and easily. The answer is in 3 simple words “lack of love”. Sexual experience is the single most ecstatic and affirming human corporal experience and it is not shameful by any means. Sex is the diet of the soul and a tool for assisting the CREATOR with Co-creation and in OSHO’S words it is no sin or else God wouldn’t have chosen it as the way to create new life. An embryo in a woman’s womb in its truest form is the manifestation of the deepest love between a man and woman. It is when there hearts are so united in love and care that their bodies wish to merge. When love of heart takes precedence over lust of bodies , all experiences are soulful and willing.

We have left the temporal desires without reins in the marathon of materialism. The consequences of leading an avaricious and selfish life are already visible in the rising number of rapes, murders, violence and natural destruction. We have the inherent capacity for unlimited love toward our partner, family, friends and the entire humanity. It is high time to give love another chance in all our relationships for a brighter and better tomorrow for you and me . It reminds of a very old quote from some quotes book – Marriage is a ghastly public confession of ones strictly private intentions. Let not the lust lead your wonderful lives and allow love to enlighten and enrich your lives and careers with abundance and affluence which is flowing for all of us Men and Women from the universe . You guys definitely know that the real name of the GOD THE UNIVERSAL SOUL is LOVE . It is only with LOVE that Men and Women communicate with the UNIVERSAL HOLY FATHER .

Respect the Universal Holy Father and don’t abuse great bodies which temples of GOD .
Say BIG NO to drugs TODAY – NOW – AT THIS VERY MOMENT and enjoy the beauties and the luxuries of the MOTHER EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE which have been created for us the HUMAN BEINGS .

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