TelekinesisMoving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. The re-shaping of objects using the mind’s energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness.

It can not be created by ‘wishing it’ to happen on the physical level. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person’s thoughts created by their subconscious mind. The most important thing to understand is that it is possible. Telekinesis is part of physical reality, just as telepathy is. The next most important knowledge related to achieving success with this, or any other human ability, is realizing that if one person can do it, any normal person can do it, and that means you. Your energy levels must be very high. The desire to move or break or bend an object must exist in a level of though we do not as yet have control over with the 10% of the brain human’s presently use. If you are going to sit and stare at an object and ‘will it’ to move, bend, or break–it probably won’t! If you can learn to tap into your higher levels of consciousness. become ‘one’ with the object–as all things are connected in the universe–then see the object bend or move–you might be have some degree of success. This takes a trained, focused mind, which usually comes from years of meditation. It is done with your mind relaxed, raising your energy levels, then making the changes. Everyone has the potential to be able to be telekinetic.

There are different things that can have a sort of psychotropic affect on the brain. Meaning, affeTelekinesis_2cting the mental activity, behavior perception. Even stress and abuse can cause one to cultivate certain psychokinetic abilities. I am referring here to the actual ability, not certain mental illness that can mimic telepathy and such. Sometimes, “hearing voices”, or “visions” can be the result of very serious emotional, mental illness or organic disturbances. I’m not a medical doctor. If you think you are having any problems with anything of that nature, please see your doctor. The brain is the hardware that is utilized by the Mind. Our brain is capable of generating a neural network that when “pushed” can actual step up an energy ready to be utilized beyond our 5 senses. Neurons do communicate with each other. There is all sorts of low level subatomic and atomic dialogue going on all the time. Even at a cellular level there is communication going on. Consciousness always is in the of on/off phasing, blinking off and on, as it where. Off/On phasing phenomenon is photon related manifestation of energy and light. The energy we are dealing with here is tiny pockets or “quanta” of energies.

The ability to bend spoons, levitate is happening at the other levels being only manifested as a physical event upon the space/time shell frame which we interpret as our reality. There is also a good deal of illusion as well. One must be able to discern the reality of both. What Not To Do While trying Telekinesis .

This is a causal law of physics and no exceptions have been observed. With telekinesis there is noTelekinesis_3ne of this “direct physical contact” hence it would appear not to up hold the laws of physics. Gravity is a force which acts at a distance so why should the brain not create a force (a magnetic field for example) and use this to move things and hold true to the laws of physics. Like wise it could be said that if you move something with your hand your brain “willed” your hand to move so that is also telekinesis, and the laws of physics are observed. The Art of Stillness. Practice being still. Yes, actually, being still without thinking anything. Try it. All the masters have acquired this skill4. Learn to “Let Go”. As soon as something, whether it’s an old bias, an old emotion, blouse, anything—let go of it. Resolve things in your life as quickly as possible. It will unclutter your mind and your emotions will flow more evenly and smoothly. By learning to, “let go”, we also learn to let go of preconceived out come, that is how we “think” it will turn out.

  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR SPOON ~~FORK ~~KEY BENDING Find utensil of choice.
  • Hold utensil in your hand / hands–however you are comfortable.
  • Sit quietly–breathe comfortably–relax.
  • . Empty mind of all extra chattering and thoughts. Remember stay focused.
  • . With eyes closed–slowly rub your fingers tips over the surface of the object.
  • Feel–don’t think about it–feel what the surface feels like. Get into the flow of molecules, atoms, energy.
  • . This may take a few attempts. You will begin to actual “feel” the energy.
At that very moment when you feel it–you and the object as a blend of energy–just bend it! If you’ve done it correctly-it will bend!!! Remember NEVER apply force! You aren’t there to physically force it to bend. That’s not point of the exercise . What is the difference between movement and telekinesis? When reffering to movement you are also reffering to the laws of physics and the laws of conservation of energy. When you think of someone causing movement you envisage physical contact between that person and the movement they are causing e.g. throwing ball, knocking down dominos. This “direct physical contact” is the key to the movement as this is where the laws of the conservation of energy are up held and energy is transformed from one form to another. Kinetic energy of a throwing hand is converted to kinetic and gravitational energy of a ball for example.

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