Telepathy is ‘instinct’. It is mind to mind contact– communication of one mind with another by means beyond the normal or ordinary–without the use of the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell). Scientifically it is the ‘instinct’ in mankind that creates the ability that we call telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, etc.

We have forgotten have how to rely on our basic instincts, which is intuition, because of our reliance on ego-consciousness. Nature has programmed this ability into all of its creatures, but because man places so much reliance‚Äôs on ‘ego-consciousness’ he has forgotten how to use the survival mechanism ie. psyche which is there for survival. Age groups: Babies / Very young children:

They telepath all the time: “Hungry, Sleepy, Wet, Happy, Bored” — Babies have not as yet developed ‘ego-consciousness’ so they rely more on instinct.


Telepathy_1Their hormones are out of balance.
This group seeks self gratification. Adults: Greater use of the mind–occurs more from ages 35–>on. Instincts kick in when something is going on and your intuitive sense tells you that it is so. The 90% of the brain that we do not use is connected directly to the unconscious mind. The realm of the visible, of images, known contents, feelings, thoughts, and desires–what we call the ‘realm of consciousness’– makes up only a small fraction of the total psyche. In fact, the conscious part of the psyche is like a tiny volcanic island heaved up from the ocean bottom and surrounded by a waste expanse of water, which, like the unconscious, is extraordinarily rich in different life forms. Consciousness plays a critical role because the unconscious is often reacting to it. The bottom line:

It is always the ‘unconscious’ that displays a profound wisdom in directing our evolution. Telepathy can be perceptive or projective. Some people are better receivers while others are better senders. If you know who is calling you before the phone rings–then you are a good receiver. The caller thinks of you and you connect vibration ally. It is also fun to send a mental message to someone to contact you and see if they do. Telepathy and Dreams Dreams also bring telepathic messages. Often this is the way a deceased loved one will communicate with you. Try to remember the message as soon as you get up. In dream time we relate on those higher realities therefore we telepath with each other.

We can communicate with deceased entities, spirit guides, even people who are presently alive. When you dream you communicate telepathically with many entities. Some of this information you remember. Most you do not. Yet even if you do not remember consciously the messages received will impact into your conscious mind throughout the day usually guiding your decisions. The most common published accounts of telepathy and ESP are between lovers or between family members, and focus on a life-threatening injury or death. These people know how to tune into each other’s frequencies as they spend time together. There is usually a strong desire to communicate between two distant (separated) individuals.

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