The Magic of Aura Healing

Every creation on this earth is an embodiment of love and mystical energy blessed by God. The man is the highest form of creation by God. His life is nothing but a series of breaths which is predominant on his overall health. This is called the Prana or Ki which is the universal Life Force Energy.

The soul is the most important feature of mankind. Just like a gift is wrapped up by a beautiful wrapping paper, the importance of the gift is much more higher than the paper. Similarly, it is the soul which is represented as the gift and the body- the wrapping paper. Every living thing on this Earth is enclosed by an Aura. The condition of the body or the thing is determined by the Aura. If the Aura is disturbed, there is bound to be some trouble with the body. It is like an envelop which carries with it the matter. It sometimes happens, that a person often feels depleted resulting to disease. This is often caused by Energy depletion wherein the body refuses to heal itself thereby leading to diseases. The process of feeling the Aura is called scanning. If a person is diseased the aura may protude to two and a half feet or more. The affected areas are often seen as light gray to dark grey in colour. In acute cases such as cancer, they appear as muddy yellow red. If a person’s aura is disturbed, the ability to expel toxins is reduced thereby the body gives invitation to health hazards an infections. But Aura perceiving or Healing is something which is not determined by clairvoyants. It is a matter of dedicated study and practice of Aura which finally makes this process possible.
Let us go through a series of steps involved in Aura healing.

The Basic / Primary Course
The truth about Aura healing is that anyone with a will to learn and the determination to heal self and others can easily learn this wonderful course. This course is not very long and very easy to learn. Just like any other course it requires practice and alertness. Besides that it also requires dedication and empathy towards oneself and others. Anyone with selfish feelings or negativity will not be able to learn the process. This magical power of healing is given by God and distributed to all fellow beings with same ratio without any difference.

Its Effects on People
The effects of Aura Healing are tremendous. From mild ailments like headache, nausea, cold,stomach ailments it can cure any dreadful diseases of liver, spleen, eye, kidney and even heart problems.It is more effective than any strong dose of medication. High soaring temperatures can be brought down by this majestic form of healing.

The Chakra in Our Body
Our body is composed of several chakras starting from top to the bottom. They are also called the energy centres of the body. It is very important to be aware of the various chakras to understand the distribution of energy or Prana. They usually distribute Prana or Energy to various organs of the body. A body is succeptible to disease if the Chakras are imbalanced . To understand the procedure we must be aware that there are 11 total chakras in our body. They are named as the following :

  • Basic Chakra- Located at the base of the Spine it controls, energises and strengthens the whole visible physical body. It is like the root of the tree.

  • Sex Chakra – Located at the pubic area, it controls and energises the sexual organs of the bladder.

  • Meng Mein Chakra – Located at the back of the naval it serves as the ‘pumping station’ in the spine. It controls and energises the kidneys and adrenal glands and also the blood pressure.

  • Naval Chakra – Located on the naval, it controls and energises the small, large interstines and appendix.

  • Spleen Chakra – It is a very essential since it purifies the blood of disease causing germs and destroys worn-out blood cells. A weak spleen Chakra accounts for a physicaly weak body and depleted Prana.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – This Chakra controls and energises vital organs like Appendix, lungs, liver, kidneys etc. It also maintains the temperature of the body.

  • Heart Chakra – It is located at the centre of the chest and controls and energises the entire functioning of the circulatory system. However, this part is energised by the back and not directly.

  • Throat Chakra – It is located at the centre of the throat and energises the throat and the thyroid gland.

  • Ajna Chakra – This is a very important Chakra and it is located in the centre of the eyebrows. It controls the functioning of the brain.

  • Forehead Chakra – Located at the centre of the forehead it controls the pineal gland ant the nervous system.

  • Crown Chakra – Located on the top of the head, it controls the pineal gland, brain and functioning of the entire body. This chakra is the most important since any disorder related to psychological or physical ailment is linked with this.

The Procedure of Healing
Healing generally takes place through 4 simple steps. They are as follows :

  • Scanning

  • Cleansing

  • Energising

  • Stabilizing

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