Unexpected Turns

 We do not always accomplish things according to our plans or expectations and this compels us to look for other avenues and alternates. Though initially it is difficult to accept it, we have to knock another door because the door of our choice is shut on our face.

But standing at the threshold of the door we have a choice either to enter the new door with the great white hope that the room ahead is going to be more inviting than the earlier room or keep brooding about what we missed in the first room. If our hope is eternal, alive and strong there is no way we will not realize or see that the new unplanned path we embarked is for our best. Swami Chinmayananda says, “The really poor man is not the one who lacks money, but who lacks the joy of the heart.” And the joy of heart is diminished with dousing hope.
Lakhs of students appear every year for the competitive entrance exams aspiring to find a seat in the renowned classrooms of knowledge but only a few hundreds of them can make it. So are the rest of them doomed to confined walls of darkness? Certainly yes if they abandon hope. But those with wings of hope soar much higher in new directions than they imagined. Horizons are not limited for those who have eyes brimming with hope. When flood comes in our lives, no problem. Perhaps that was meant to happen. But, when boats and helicopters are also seen and come to save us, we must recognize them for what they are – God sent.

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