Way to go-Women Enterepreneurs

Women have always been the winners in every way. They are smart, tactful and can juggle everything.

Be it careers, family, relationships and housework. If on one end she is playing with her baby she is also very well mush present in the kitchen cooking delicacies for the family. She can easily do anything once she sets mind on it. Also, with the support of full time maids, handling career and climbing the success ladder is a child’s play for her. The term generally means being responsible and in control of one’s life and activities. Sadly this freedom to become Entrepreneurs has not been given to her in the past. Development of a woman as an Entrepreneur is completely different of her completing the role of mother, wife or a homemaker. This would mean a complete reversal of all the responsibilities she was having earlier. However the segment of women Entrepreneurs has arrived very late. Issues as clear as motherhood, lack of experience all lead to obstacles in the beginning of a conceptualization of business for the woman. Surprisingly, some women have also chosen to become entrepreneurs due to a calamity like a death of spouse, or a major financial loss. But on the other hand there are women who do not want to waste their time on window shopping or simply burning their husband’s money on useless things. They chose to begin something of their own and rear it like their own Baby.

The support of husbands can also not be ignored. They are always besides their wives to lend them a helping hand. Contrary to their husband who aim at making it big in their career for reasons of financial stability women tend to become entrepreneurs become of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. That is the reason they chose to take up business of something which is closer to their heart. Instead of the usual fashion or food areas that they earlier concentrated on, the woman of today is laying hands on manufacturing or even construction areas. Now, the urban women feel strong and confident to step in a new world designed and created by her. The women who fall in this category are strong willed and smart women who do not bank upon anyone for support. They step out to conquer the world with oodles of confidence and a spark of enthusiasm in their eyes.


Women entrepreneurs can be groomed if trained well in their respective fields. Training at the grass root level would instill a thorough knowledge of the career she has an interest in. The education supplied to her should make a compulsory acknowledgement of the market value of the course she has interest in. This should include market research through workshops and project work. Women need special safety measure while doing hands on intensive training. This should include working women’s hostel and other security arrangements so that they are able to work at ease. Options like working from home or opening up cottage industries are another way of letting the woman feels at ease since she can fulfill her domestic responsibilities as well. The woman of today is in no sense lesser than a man. Thus the attitude of the society has also to be changed before she gains professional claims in the market. Banks should make adequate measure to provide loans for women who promise to make it big in life. Women who tend to make a change in the urban living and those who ensure a change in the ordinary lives should be encouraged and backed by people around her. Women who know about market trends and those who socialize with other women entrepreneurs tend to make a difference from their lonesome counterparts who are struggling on their own. It is very essential to make a mark and get your name recognized. However the road to independency is not al that simple. Problem as heavy as sexual discrimination hover the keen women who sadly take a u-turn in the midway of their careers. Very few have the guts to fight back and show the world their competitive nature and a clear vision of their ideas.


But in spite of that, immediate resources are always at the helping hand for the mighty woman. Business and counseling centers are set up to provide assistance to women entrepreneurs.

It is very essential that they keep the following things in mind:

  • Establish a critical support network.

  • Relate to people who are already in the business to seek help in the guidance.

  • Attend seminar and conference to get an idea about the crux of the business they have their mind on.

  • Establish sound relations with bankers, agents, accountants and lawyers to seek help form them when required.

  • Have a solid financial plan

  • Have a team of equally dedicated team of professionals and who can render their services for further growth to business

Women have a knack of doing everything. If they can mange their homes so well, managing their own business is a piece of cake. They seem to get better with an introduction of a new leash in their life. They feel connected and contented. They prove better examples to their children than other homemakers who seem tend to waste their precious time. A female entrepreneur is a complete woman who is all set to conquer the world.

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