Will My Worthy Sons Rise To Save The Mother Earth

First thing to announce is every full Moon day as the Sun energy day though the Sun energy is available 24 / 7. King Solomon the founder of masons said the Sun is meridian time as Sun is shining always in some part of the world at all times.


He even used the Sun energy in the ways against his enemies through the steel backs of his army’s shields of olden times and emerged victorious. Did we understand his power of mind and the Sun energy. All the planets as the scientists tell us move around the Sun god. The theories of fusion are talked about Sun energy. We forget that Sun God is maha abundant and affluent in blessing our mother earth which is the only heaven and only heaven known to man till now. All the life here is courtesy Sun God though the most abundant and affluent Sun God is part of the larger designs of the Universal Energy field and the cosmos.

Carl Sagan a great cosmologist said that there are trillions of galaxies and trillions of Stars and Suns and the Moons in the cosmos. Don’t forget we have one and only one in our Milky Way Galaxy. Sun god is the sole provider of energy to our mother earth. Now coming straight to the point astrologically people who are born with a great powerful Sun position become rulers. Most of the medieval Kings were Leos. Did you get the message of my children Sun God rules every part of our life and energizes us all day till the Sun rise next morning and we also measure time with the Sun god. Though there is no time in the universe and the cosmos. Those who transcend their body mind time space and communicate directly with the universal Soul know that it is only the present moment. There is neither the past nor the future. Time is the creation of man for his convenience to regulate his life. Man has done great achievements in science and technology. The greatest invention rather discovery of man has been electricity and light bulbs which revolutionized the world we relish and enjoy today.

I say discovery only because everything already exists so the invention in front of the God Almighty is not the correct meaning. You only have to discover what exists like Columbus discovered America the new world today and the super power as the word policeman. There have been many more great discoveries like Newton’s law, and India discovering the zero and the decimal which manage the entire world and space today. During the man’s quest for power and imperialism many more discoveries were made and they have been great as well as disastrous like the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. War of power , wealth and domination on each other who actually belong to the same Universal Soul. The mother and father of all other rather the second to electricity the real discovery and break has been internet which has converted the whole world into the small global village.

Everybody seconds away from each other. God in fact desires that so that tomorrow we can communicate with the Universal Consciousness. The God Almighty father the creator of this Universe and Cosmos. I hear of many new developments in, biotech, nanotech, genomics, space research, cloning. It is very great new imperialism now that the present crisis in the world political regimes is the oil energy. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and so on. Trillions are spent by the cartels to capture oil and natural gas energy. Trillions are also spent on space research. Has any one of you thought that the answer to the great quest lies in your hearts and minds. No body seriously thought of it. Do the research in all the fields but most important is to harness the Sun God Energy which we are only considering as the light giver and Hindus have been worshipping it as the provider of life and Universal Life Force Energy. They even calculated the distance between Earth and the Sun and Moon without any equipments. If you want to create peace abundance and affluence and harmony on the mother earth and CREATE a planet without pollution then discover the ways to harness the Sun Energy. Spend on this most positive and pious and pure energy. Let every body have an antenna on roof tops and have free energy. If we can get the energy from water , atoms and coal and gas and fuel why can’t we have from Sun God. Believe me the energy is going to go waste though it is giving us life, crops, light and infinite other gains and we forget that it is capable of giving us much more energy which can run the world machine 24×7 without pollution and replace the crude crisis and politics in the world.

Finally it can make the whole world free of dirty politics and the Mother Earth Heaven. As the heaven is only possible here and here on the Mother Earth because of the life it harbours. Please rise up and put your energies into the discovery to make the world free of wars and full of abundance and affluent in all walks of life. Hindu sages discovered Surya Yoga – Sun Yoga which can give them life force energy without eating. Rajasthan a part of many labourer women wear silver ornaments and are malnutritioned and live 90 to 100 years healthy and without disease.  Sun God can heal this planets problems of wars create peace and harmony. Don’t look at its fiery side, look at it as the life giver and light giver because of which we can eat the food we eat. It causes rains and the climatic changes and his partner moon causes the tides in the sea supported by the Wind God. Universal Consciousness now desires some one rises up the occasion to discover this infinite treasure and it could be anyone of you.


Rise up the worthy sons and daughters of the universal father the universal soul pervading all life and use your minds infinite powers and discover the sun gods energy and harness it for the upliftment of all human race and rid the planet earth of pollution and energy wars of imperialism.

God bless the mother earth and the universe and the cosmos.
– With love and blessings
– Her holiness maha maya

A very good news for all of you as per the below press release take advantage of the on going developments in technology and even think of using neno technology in this venture. The countries with great sun light availability are the best bets. To your great success
– her holiness maha maya
– schott north america, inc.

First Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Power Plant Built in The U.S. In Nearly Two Decades to Be Dedicated On Earth Day “Solar thermal parabolic trough power plants have the potential to be an important source of renewable energy as the world seeks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels,” said Dr. Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the SCHOTT Management Board. “The Saguaro Power plant is a significant step forward for Arizona as it seeks to reach its goal of generating 15 percent of its electricity from renewable resources within the next 20 years.” The Saguaro Station power plant uses 100,000 square feet of parabolic mirrors to concentrate solar radiation onto its PTR 70 solar receivers. This solar radiation increases the temperature of the thermo-oil Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) flowing through the receivers to 550° F [Figure 1]. This heated fluid is then used to turn water into steam, which drives a turbine and generates electricity [Figure 2].  The Saguaro Station power plant uses an organic rankin cycle system for its turbine/generator, which enables the plant to produce more power at lower temperatures. In addition, the organic rankin turbine can be operated automatically, reducing costs. The Saguaro Station power plant is expected to produce 2000 MWh of electricity annually, enough electricity to meet the energy demands of about 200 households. The use of solar power to produce electricity at the plant, rather than fossil fuels, is equivalent to preventing the emission of millions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.


SCHOTT is a technology-driven, international group that sees its core purpose as the lasting improvement of living and working conditions through special materials and high-tech solutions. Its main areas of focus are the household appliance industry, pharmaceutical packaging, optics and opto-electronics, information technology, consumer electronics, lighting, automotive engineering and solar energy. SCHOTT has a presence in close proximity to its customers through highly efficient production and sales companies in all of its major markets. It has more than 17,000 employees producing worldwide sales of approximately $2 billion. In North America, SCHOTT’s holding companies SCHOTT Corporation and its subsidiary SCHOTT North America, Inc. employ about 2,500 people in 16 operations.

The company’s technological and economic expertise is closely linked with its social and ecological responsibilities. SCHOTT is one of the leading solar industry companies worldwide. The international technology group supplies components for almost all photovoltaic and solar thermal applications. PV solar electricity modules with various performance ratings are used for decentralized power generation. Receivers are the key components in solar thermal parabolic trough power plants, a future technology for centralized power generation along the Earth’s sunbelt.


Latest again
China all set to test it ‘ s artificial sun
China to test, it’s Artificial Sun, this August
China’s experimental advanced superconducting research centre, is ready with the first experimental discharge of the so called “ARTIFICIAL SUN”, by mid-August. The experiment will be conducted at science island in Hefei, Anhui province, east of china, reported by People’s Daily on monday last. The newspaper also said, according to the scientists, a successful test means that, it is going to be the first nuclear fusion device of its kind, that is ready to go into actual operation. The plasma discharge is expected to definitely draw a great attention, as scientist all over the world are concerned with, the risks involved in this kind of an experiment. On the other hand, chinese researchers, who are involved in this project, say any radiation will cease once the experiment is completed.

This experiment is going to take place in a reinforced concrete structure, that has 5-feet-thick walls, and3-feet-thick roof. How does the “Artificial-Sun”, really work. It can make plasmas, from Deuterium or Tritium 2 isotopes of hydrogen, that have been put into its vacuum hall. The device then increases the intensity of plasmas and raise their temperature, that result in fusion reaction between them creating huge amounts of energy. Wait for more in CHINA on 15TH AUGUST 2006 on the ARTIFICIAL SUN energy. This is going to change the balance of energy in the universe and bring great fortunes to the world. Fusion is what the world has been waiting for. Fission has become a very ordinary technology which even the terrorists have called the dirty bomb.

Cheers to china ‘ s success in this great venture.

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