Words from Heart Make a Prayer

Prayer From Heart

Prayer From HeartWords from the heart make wishes come true”. This is the power of prayers. This may appear to be a hyperbole but there is certainly more than an iota of truth in this statement. This statement is based on the premise that prayer has magical powers. However there is dispute over it because in this world of rationality, skepticism prevails large.

This disbelief or doubt is on account of two kinds of prayers that we do. One prayer comes from the vocal chords of the throat alone while the other comes right from the heart. A prayer is not a recitation of some set of words or sentences; it is a heartfelt expressed desire for whose accomplishment we look for divine intervention. We keep asking God for favors and anxiously wait for its fulfillment. However, all our wishes are not always granted which makes us doubt God’s presence and kindness. But God says that I answer all your prayers, it is just that sometimes the answer is NO.

You will notice that though your particular wish may not be granted, the alternate that happens in its place turns out to be the best course of action eventually. And when such things happen more than once or twice, it is not mere coincidence. There is a real time debate going on, on whether prayers really work or not. Most often, a prayer is said most fervently when a loved one is in a critical state lying in a hospital bed or struggling between life and death.

According to Dr. P.K. Chowbey of Gangaram Hospital, , the power of prayer has worked very positively for his patients those listening to Om chants and Gayatri Mantra, showing 60% reduction in post operative complications. But there are other studies that contradict the calming effect of prayer. A study in US found that patients who knew they were being prayed for had rather higher rate of post operative complications, perhaps due to performance anxiety. So what do we make of these studies. The power of prayer is dependent on personal faith and faith is a very subjective decision.

Prayer is not a visible commodity that can be obtained from somewhere and used for desired results. Nor is it a magic wand that will avert death, cure all ailments or get us the desired job. And yet it does miracles. The miracle is that it establishes your contact with the Higher Consciousness. And when this contact is made, tranquility transcends on its own, with all anxiety, restlessness and fear being shaken off and thrown away. Discussing the impact of prayer makes sense only if we believe in the existence of a Higher Power.

This power is invisible and pure consciousness, of which we are a part. When we say a prayer, we need to invoke this consciousness within us. Once this is awakened, the energies of the universe unite to make things happen. A prayer works more on a psychological level than physical. A dying man does not become alive and kicking with a prayer, but may accept his death peacefully, and the soul may depart the body with grace.

A prayer is a communication with the Infinite Energy. The fact that we pray and communicate with this energy shows that we accept its presence in our lives. Another important fact remains that we have this energy right within us and even science cannot deny it. Science acquiesces to the premise that every creation on the face of the earth is a result of an impulse of energy in the mind. The essential stuff of the world is non-stuff.

When we pray we ask for cosmic and divine help. To our understanding, we are asking some external power to direct us but in reality, it is the intrinsic energies to which we are addressing our prayer. When the right signals are sent by the mind, they reach the soul and inner peace and strength begins to envelop you. Here is where the miracle of prayer comes into play. When the right connections are made, guidance dawns on its own and dilemmas and fears disappear.

A prayer is not merely what we utter. It is also what we think and act. Hypocrisy can never lead to clarity of conscience. And when conscience is not clear, still expecting miracles is being naïve. Swami Chinmayananda says, “Prayer is not an asking, it is a longing of the soul.” Our soul wants to communicate with the Supreme and Infinite Soul and this conversation is called Prayer. Prayers are not bound by religion, time, rituals or customs. It is a soul to soul communication which is pure and selfless.

Sadly we consider prayer as an application letter to be sent to God, to seek wish fulfillment. If we believe in a God, who loves us and knows it all, we must also believe in the fact that He knows our longings before we know them and if they are just and in our best interest, they will be fulfilled before our asking. So pray with a pious heart and a clear mind because prayer is the food for your soul.

Tip: Close your eyes sit or lie down in a comfortable place. Take three deep breaths – belly breathing and get connected with your inner self. Pray now and pray in the present tense. Present is where the God is. He is beyond body mind time space. Present now is where you can get connected with God.

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