World Peace – Laughter Connection

DECEMBER 4 is the World laughter day since last 4 yeras announced by a group of people for the world peace and prosperity – being practiced in India – Maha Maya Ananta and Sri Sri Virat Sri- Sant Lal Chugh Foundation ,New Delhi 110065   .

The laughter is best symbol of peace and properity in the Universe .

Only we the human beings have the Gods power to laugh who actually laughs through and gets thrilled on his fun and entertainment .

The whole sky can eco with the collective laughing voices of all the human oceans impacting the entire Cosmos and warning any ET aliens if any that the planet earth is very powerful ,peaceful, united in one chorus which can shake the foundations of the galaxy .

This will also convey the wholeness of our planet oneness of all the religious systems .

Great laughter sends the message to the mind that every thing is fine every day .

Now you imagine millions of people laughing and dancing at the same time on 4th December in small gatherings – all TV channels playing comedy soaps the whole day , Schools and colleges praying for world peace – will send a message to the collective conscious of the Universal mind that every thing is perfectly fine here on the planet earth .

Mind does not distinguish between reality and imagination .


So even if the laughter is artificial the collective universal mind will believe that truly every thing is fine .

This communication will bring more benevolence and supernatural Divine love of God in every body’s heart creating long lasting peace and happiness with deep sense of security and vibrational change in the mother earth’s total environment .

All beings in the universe will dance with joy , peace and love .

Large scale tele-conferences should be done , webinars , speeches by the leaders of all walks including Cine actors , Sports stars and Politicians  -Sessions of jokes .

All mass media channels to run free advertisements .


This will help raise lot of charity from us the affluent in the society to be spent on the needy in the underdeveloped world .to encourage education and healthcare , entrepreneurship , brotherhood with music love and dance .


Power of laughter is great and can make the Universe of humanity smile , laugh and shed the toxins out of their bodies and get healed .

This is very important part of the conventional Indian yoga to heal and enhance energy levels of the highets pure divine nature .

The day can easily carry real and subliminal messages of green earth ,eco friendly developements and reduced global warming .

Who so ever chooses can do it daily for his own benefit .

Infact no one has dared to tax the breathing and the laughter .

We can continually keep providing content on  the subject of laughter from the ancient Indian wisdom of the sages  .

Looking forward to your further inputs to carry on this mashaal of love energy fire and oceanic peace and stillness .

Best wishes ,

Prince Mohan – New Member of WPPS since yesterday .

God bless the awakening of the planet mother earth making every body aware of himself  .

Prince Mohan

Bankers to the Universe

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