Yoga Healing and Prana

Yoga Pranayaam Healing

Yoga Pranayaam HealingIn today’s world of co-existence, where everything is fast i.e. fast food, fast cars, fast work, fast thinking; the one thing that is not fast is the rate of healing, which a person acquires.

This fast-paced life of ours is bringing our health down by giving us innumerable diseases. Little do we understand that our prime concern should be our health, which is crumbling down. We all have natural tendencies of healing ourselves but recent advents of new age medicines have resulted the formation of even more complexes resulting in early death. That is when, it is important to be aware of our body and it’s self-defense system. Our body is surrounded by an aura or an envelope meant to protect it from diseases and negativities around us. The imbalance in our system causes a disturbed aura. Pranic Healing cures and cleanses the aura and supplies energy in it by abstracting it from the almighty God who spreads energy throughout. The energy we have around us is spontaneous and fast and we must all know how to make the best use of it. Simple transformations like these help us to attune ourselves with God and make our connection to be stronger day by day. In the time of extra burden and stress; the only valuable thing we neglect is our health. But little do we know that health is wealth and we should not ignore it. At times when stress pulls us down and we are unable to concentrate on our work, Pranic Healing ensures that our disturbed charkas are healed and we get ourselves attuned with Energy channels in our body.

Have you ever realized that simple yet effective steps in breathing process can heal us tremendously. Accompanied by power Yoga our body can be as fit as a fiddle and mind peaceful and calm. The benefits of Yoga are many .We all link yoga with bearded yogis doing body entangling postured which seem to be an eye sore. This leads us to fear in practicing it. The yogic postures can be practiced with a simple belief in our mind – our flexible body that has been so beautifully sculpted that it can be turned into any form. You might have noticed that young children are better learners of Yoga since their bodies are more flexible due to intensive utility of all their muscles.

Similarly we must also not forget that our bodies can also generate the same amount of elasticity if utilized daily. The most important thing people generally relate to is impossible and due to this mental blockage they are unable to perform simplest of yoga practices. With highly stressful jobs and stressful careers people barely exercise their muscles giving lame excuses about time shortage. Little do we realize that this lame excuse can lead them to lame muscles and exhaustive bodies and mind. Another form of good health is daily practice of Surya Namaskar, which encompasses various poses to condition our body and mind. Seven different poses condition our body and supply oxygen to them thus making each and every cell alive. People from all walks of life have sincerely practices simple Asanas and observed tremendous change in themselves regarding clarity in mind and optimistic living. Talking about health, we must not ignore Pranayam – A breathing process which supplies energy or ‘Prana’ to every cell in the body. It not only rejuvenates us but also keeps us at bay from all diseases. A regular regime of these effective practices can ensure connectivity and promote good health.

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