YOGA – The Secret of Timeless Beauty

Heal your Body with Yoga

Heal your Body with Yoga

Have you ever wondered how our mothers or even grandmothers have flawless complexions to mesmerize with their impeccable glow and warmth on their face. Little do we know that the secret lies in their simplistic and holistic beauty regime, which does not include expensive beauty treatments enough to burn a hole in your pocket.

Followed by that is a genuine and hearty meal comprising of protein, fats and carbohydrates, which serve as the essential component of natural beauty. Do we realize that a lifestyle involving stress and conflicts is what we are offering ourselves today. Neither do we focus on our lifestyle nor on our food Habits. The only primary concern we have is money. With new generation having nuclear families, and double incomes we do not have the slightest inclination of looking at ourselves in the mirror. Mirror does not lie .

Simple and effective day-to-day health care tips create wonders for your skin, which contains toxins and impurities. They are:
Hydrating yourself with pure water the first day in the morning flushes out toxins from the body thereby giving a fresh feel to your skin.
Avoiding nicotine in the form of teas, coffees and colas as they slowly unknowingly creep in your system causing premature ageing.
– Including exercise for at least 30 minutes improves blood circulation and promotes sheen on your face and hair.
– Having handfuls of nuts like almond, pistachio, walnut, cashew nuts on daily basis.
-Having sprouts, curd-yogurt and salad.
-Avoiding direct sunlight as much as you can. Since the harmful rays deeply penetrate the skin causing wrinkles. Try not to move out during peak hours from between 10.00 – 4.00.

Sunrays don’t have radiation in the first one hour of Sunrise and one hour before the Sunset as per Sura Yoga . That is the time to celebrate life with Sun God . Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. The cells inside our body get all charged up and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated and fresh after you wake up. Abstain from your sugar and salt intake. Anything in extra is harmful for the heart and skin. Watch your skin alive as you stick to natural sugars in fruits instead.

The next important thing is your skin care. They can be observed as follows:
Wash your face with plain water devoid of any harsh soap.
Cleansing your face with unskimmed milk every second day.
Avoid touching your face quite often as the germs on your hands may permeate in your skin leading to acne or rashes.
Exfoliate with gram flour and milk mixed with lemon instead of face wash.
Such simple and effective ways are the only ingredients required for that super smooth skin and believe me, it works. This transformation does not happen overnight but it takes years of sincere dedication and devotion to a healthy approach towards life and results are astonishing. Like they say, Rome was not built in a day.

Yoga – An important ingredient for timeless beauty:

A sedentary life involving less exercise bundled with high stress robs off the freshness and youth from your face. 25 percent of American women who are well established in their careers look surprisingly older than their age. By the time they reach 65 they look tired and lifeless. The credit goes to the high convenience of desk jobs, which restrain muscle movements. This leads to other age related worries like hypertension, blood pressure, fatigue, Osteoporosis, constipation, increased sensitivity to pain, anxiety and depression. And migraine. Besides, your joints become stiff, and heart muscles become weak. The fountain of Youth does not exist in a magical portion or a dose, which would lead you to an overnight transformation into age defying beauty. An exhaustive list that covers benefits like weigh control, abundant happiness, low anxiety levels, better sleep, warding off diseases like cancer, high B.P., Diabetes are some of the factors associated with Yoga. Yogic kriyas help in diminishing the aging process by strengthening the abdominal muscles, removing tension from the body, eliminating double chin, loose arm muscles and correcting poor postures which are signs of aging. Weak spine always leads slouching or stooping which makes even a young person look old.

Not only that, the body becomes ready to fight any external or internal disease. Inverted Asanas in Yoga convert the color of hair from grey to black thereby delaying the further onset of grey hair making a person look younger than his age. A regular regime of Yoga practices in your daily habits is enough to impart a youthful radiance on your face. Since our heart is the core and center of activities, it needs to be strengthened. It needs oxygen intake on regular basis to function well. Brain consumes around 80% of the oxygen intake . Simple Asanas like Pranayam on regular basis helps in conditioning the heart making it stronger and feeding the brain with the required doses of oxygen . Deep breathing or Bhasrika. It involves breathing through lungs very slowly and steadily. Deeply inhale through your nose and release the air from your nose .This helps in conditioning and imparts a fresh glow on the face. It is also called Diaphragm breathing.

Breathing through stomach or Kapal Bhati, helps in elimination of polluted air while squeezing the stomach inside each time you exhale the air from the nose. The pollutants, which are not only residing on your face but also in your lungs, are eliminated by this method. Anulom Vilom is a Kriya where you inhale air from the left nostril while closing the right nostril. Then, exhale from the right while closing the left nostril. From the same nostril, inhale again while closing the right nostril. Now, exhale, while closing the left. This series should be continued alternately. The air being breathed in and out provides oxygen supply to the heart and lungs while removing the polluted air form the lungs. This form provides a calming effect on the face, giving it a smooth feel . Saharan is very essential for tightening facial muscles. Open your mouth as big as you can and stick out you tongue while making the sound of a lion. This stretches facial tissues while giving them a massage also. It helps in reducing wrinkles and gives a healthy shine on the face naturally. Also remember that the maximum stress accumulates on the jaws. This kriya of Yoga removes the stress also drastically . Some kriyas for eternal beauty:

The Spinal Roll:
This is very similar to a rocking chair. It induces strength to the spine by massaging it and gives a youthful feeling. It also eliminates drowsiness and stiffness often felt in the mornings. It is a fun way to improve your back. Sit on the mat and fold legs. Glide your arms under the knees. Now interlock your hands and swing up and down without keeping the back straight. The exercise should not be done slowly. It should gradually pick up pace. Enjoy this exercise without putting too much strain on your back.

The Fish posture or Matyasana: This is the only Asana, which involves bending of the spine. It limbers and stretches the neck, and strengthens and tones the nervous system. Start by lying on the mat. The knees should be bent with arms at the side. Raise your back with the support of your elbows. At the same time, throw back your head and resting the crown on the floor. Use your forearm to support you. Expand your chest. Breathe deeply and focus on the Thyroid gland. Remain in this pose for a minute and come back to normal. Continue this process for about 4-5 times.

Neck Roll-
The most important part of the body, which gives signals of aging, is the neck. A sagging neck is the tell tale sign of old age. A swan like neck shows youthful appearance. The exercise followed religiously eliminates sagging muscle in the neck and also double chin. Bend your neck to the right side, then back now left and then down. This helps in providing elasticity to the muscles. The next exercise resembles that of the tortoise. Simply stick out your neck as far stretching out and then draw it in again. Here, the back of the neck would be conditioned well. Beauty, they say is skin deep. Regular and disciplined follow up of these measures would ensure timeless beauty for you. You should also read yoga and laughter and laughter therapy in pages of this Portal . Simply search in the left column below and you will find the pages .

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