Astrology and Blue Sapphire

Saturn can be the greatest friend – understand saturn and proppitiate saturn and see the valuable great blessings of lord Saturn
It is the Stars. The Stars above us govern our conditions.

King Lear, Act IV
Human desires are controlled by cosmic rotation of planets. It is quite bold statement as the scientists who want facts and facts only to prove the existence of metaphysical forest of knowledge, can challenge it. But let us simplify it with an illustration, as we know that desire for Knowledge is the evidence of Soul or Spirit _ it is the dividing line, separating Mankind from the animals. By Knowledge Man only becomes free__ free from the fate that ignorance would condemn him to bear. Like suppose one knew that heavy stone was at that moment falling from the roof, towards one’s head. As a sensible person, one would jump aside and be saved__ but the stone would continue to fall. In other words, the law or cause that might have killed the man is here represented__ he escaped only because he was protected by knowledge.

As Saturn’s and Mars planets were recently came closer to each other was something which was bound to happen, it was cosmic law _ not to be changed can never be changed.

All we have to take care of is to protect ourselves from the negative vibrations of the movement of the planets. But question lies that how to protect and can it be possible. Yes, it is possible and can definitely be done. It is just simple like a person’s health seriously affected at a certain period of time and as a sensible person one would escape the threatened break or try to minimize the consequences by consulting doctor and taking medicine. Doctor for planetary malfunction and benefaction is Astrology, which offers number of medicaments. One of the important measures is wearing precious stones to minimize the evil effect of planets.

Blue Sapphire or neelam or sauri ratna or shani priya removes evil effects of Saturn. It has the power of elevating ones status right from social life to professional life. It brings name, fame and wealth to its user. But caution is required as it can bring misfortune too. So it is advisable to first test it for a week or so before final wearing. But should all the people suffering from afflicted Saturn, wear it? No, let us know who all should wear it and when to wear it and other reasonable information about this stone.

Shani or Saturn is the presiding deity of longevity, calamities, spiritual wisdom and difficulties. It is both giver and destroyer. In all the twelve zodiac signs it resides for the period of 2 ½ years. When it resides in horoscope in 12th, 2nd and 1st house it resides for 7 ½ years, when it transits over moon from the previous house to the next house where moon is located takes 7 1/2 years to move which is called sarrsati. During this period it troubles the native financially, physically and sometimes to the extent of loss of social image.

There are also the great examples of saturn making Kings and emperors and Prime Ministers in this period or its major period . Saturn can be the greatest friend not foe . Depends on it’s location and other aspects in the horoscope.
Indira Gandhi ruled India as one of the strongest prime ministers in the history of free and democratic India. This was in the major period of Saturn . During Saturn’s major period or transitory phases one can be advised to wear blue sapphire. Also people born in Capricon rashi and lagna, Acquarious rashi and lagna, Taurus rashi and lagna, Gemini rashi and lagna, Virgo rashi and lagna, Libra rashi and lagna can wear this stone. Zodiac signs Cancer, Leo and Pisces should not even try to wear it.

Saturn exalts in Libra and deblitates in Aries .Gets combusted if it is within the 15 degrees orb of Sun. Saturn is known as the son Sun God .
Indian astrological scientists have also invented many other methods to please the God Saturn. However here it is the subject of blue saffires and astrology .
According to numerology people born on the dates 8, 17, and 26 can wear this stone. It is believed that it has the power to ease anxiety, attract love, gain social respect, fetch financial profits, calms anger and controls negative emotions. It is also associated with the power of curing diseases like rheumatism, colic, weak eyesight, dental infirmities, deafness, baldness, arthritis, alcoholism, depression, frustration and mental illness. It can also gift the user with the special power of remembering past lives and give telepathic powers to its user.

Academically it helps the user to excel in the field of engineering, in automobile industry, iron industry and help in maintaining cordial relationship with the employees. People with strong Saturn are gifted with the quality of managing masses .

One should be cautious of not wearing coral, ruby and pearl along with this stone. It should be worn on Saturday and be worn on second finger of right hand and weight should be 5 to 7 carats or rattis and should be set in silver. It can be substituted with lapis lazuli, malachite or amethyst.

There should be no cracks, black spot and chipped edges. One should test it before wearing. Keep it under your pillow or your pocket for 3-4 days if pleasant dreams come it is good but if bad dreams occur don’t wear it.

Sapphires are second in hardness, next to diamond and therefore don’t need much of care. Before wearing it wash it in rose water and immersed it in milk for one hour during the first hour starting from sunrise of first Saturday to the next Saturday.

Sapphires are found in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Australia, U.S.A, U.K., Nepal, Mexico, Zambia and Nigeria. In India they are found in Jammu and Kashmir and are considered the best in the world.

Sapphires are epitome of love, loyalty, friendship, sympathy, harmony, emotions and yearning. They are all time favorite stones for the occasion of engagement or marriage. It is considered as the, stone of stones, and easily be identified. All we have to do is to check inclusions, which can be seen with naked eyes if it is not the same than it is not the genuine one. The inclusions are generally like feathers or like finger print impressions.
So be careful when you buy one for yourself.

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