Astrology and Jupiter

Astrology is abode of devices which describe parameters of our life, help in discovering our own self and our purposes help let go of censures, teach to appreciate, find spiritual perseverance in traumas, and help learn the best strategies to progress.


Mythology and Jupiter
Jupiter is considered as the king of gods. He was known as Zeus by the ancient Greeks, god of thunder and lightning and he consumed nectar and ambrosia {a sweet spiritual substance and a rein forcer of immortality}. Zeus lives at Mt. Olympia which is considered as the heaven or some high place where earth and heaven meet.

Astronomy and Jupiter

In astrology other than Saturn, Venus, mercury etc. we have planet called Jupiter, the planet of merrymaking. Astronomically Jupiter is considered as the biggest planet in our solar system with moons, asteroids and comets combined with it.
Structurally it has small core of rocky substance above which lies the main bulk of the planet in the form of liquid metallic hydrogen, thus making it a gas giant.

It spins so fast that one day on Jupiter is of just ten hours. Other unique features of Jupiter are that it has sixty known moons and is the brightest planet.
Now question arises how its astronomical features help studying its astrological features. Let us peep into the details.

Astrology and Jupiter
Jupiter takes twelve years to orbit the sun and after twelve years it comes back to its natal position. It is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in cancer it rules powerful males, religion government and matters of state. IT is significator of 9th and 12th house. It represents Thursday and blue and green colors. Its gem is yellow sapphire.
So Jupiter in ones birth chart infuses one with future plans, with abstract mind and higher learning. It also rules long distance travel and aspirations.

It is yen of exploration of ideas both spiritual and intellectual. In astrology it is associated with benevolence, joy, god fortune, abundance and upliftment. Thus it is associated with the best University teachers, physicians, lawyers, churchmen, actors, librarians and orators.

Few examples in Indian bollywood Aamir Khan, Dharmendra, Anupam Kher, Govinda, in Hollywood Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, and Tyra Banks etc. are all Sagittarius with strong and powerful influence of Jupiter in their natal charts.
John Kennedy Jr., Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Bruce Lee, and Tina Turner are other famous celebrities with Sagittarius sign.

It rules liver, adrenal, blood, right ear, feet, pancreas, pituitary gland and pleura, cholesterol, diabetes, thighs, neck etc.

Jupiter is also known as the risk taker so also rules over speculations, gambling, adventure and moving into unknown territory.

Jupiter in twelve houses

Jupiter in Aries

Makes person energetic and initiator but it also makes them feel bored soon with whatever they start with. Precisely quickness is the main quality of such people. Precaution to be taken against gambling and being too generous.

Nicolas Cage, Sophie Devant, Stephen Bern etc. are some Arians with their Jupiter in Aries.


Jupiter in Taurus

You are in true sense a materialistic. You want excel in the areas of money and beauty. But Jupiter expands the qualities of endurance and makes you possessive of your materialistic possessions and luxuries.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Pierce Brosnan, Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, Tony Blair are some examples.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini infuses one with versatility and variability. It makes you good communicator and a linguist. You want to initiate the task by doing it bit by bit which according to you is the best way to understand anything.

Famous people with Jupiter in Gemini are John Travolta, Arthur, Oprah Winfrey etc.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter expands in cancer and makes one protective and instinctive in nature. You are confident and make home in foreign or get gains from abroad. You can take lot of setbacks and struggles as challenge and with your confidence bounce them back.

Angela Merkel, Nostradamus, Laurence Ferrari etc. are with their Jupiter in cancerian

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo makes such people creative and impressive. You make lasting impression on people and you are persistent also in taking your tasks to the end. Whatever you do you do it with great panache and verve.

Pamela Anderson, Bill gates, Pape Jean-Paul II, Celine Dion, William Shakespeare are with their Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter expands in Virgo make such people critical and analytical. You are perfectionist, workaholic and crave for details than generalization.

Jacques Chirac, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Osama Bin Laden are some examples.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra makes people harmonious and balanced. You are concerned about fairness, interpersonal relationship, justice and optimism.

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, George W Bush, Bill Clinton etc are some names of this category.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio makes people secretive and intense. Occult, magic, police work, spiritualism and deep psychology are your areas of interest. You are revengeful. Your intuition is par excellence and you are known for your loyalty.

Britney Spears, Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dalai Lama XIV, Napoleon Bonaparte fall under this category.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius makes one free and tolerant. You have open mind be it in philosophy or religion. You love fun and sports. You are adaptable to new situations.

Hillary Clinton, Ricky Martin, Hugh Grant are some examples.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn makes you prudent and reserved. You are big hearted and honest and turn out to be good businessman but over confidence, over-optimistic and gambling makes the way of success with delays and hardships.

Robert Redford, Adolph Hitler, Charlie Chaplain, Saddam Hussein are some examples.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius makes you indifferent and unconventional. You are a good friend, a humanitarian, and liberal in your ideas about religion or philosophy. You get motivation from your own self and love the company of friends than family members.

Marline Munroe, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana Spencer, Satya Sai Baba are some such examples.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces makes person Impressionable and Inspirational. You are social worker and want to work against social evils and for its cause. You are sympathetic and charitable. You are interested in creative things like painting art and craft and movies etc. Occult interests you.

Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, Jesus Christ, Demi Moore, Sir Isaac Newton are such examples

Jupiter Retrogrades

When Jupiter retrogrades it has always a trine to sun within six days. It then directs boundless energy in us outer success and work in progress will get a stopover but the best time for inner wisdom and knowledge. It is the time to reconsider and look into projects than to criticize. During this time it appears that we are in need of some things for growth but actually nothing is done to get that. But it helps understand teachings of life and gives beneficial results. There is also withdrawal of energy and ego can get deflated.

Transit of Jupiter

Transit of Jupiter through the various houses help in financial gains, fear, sickness, happiness, respect, physical and mental adversity, respect from others, prestige and prosperity.

This brief guide is not all you must know about the position of Jupiter in your natal chart. So what are you waiting get go and discover might be you are the next celebrity.


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