Astrology and Saturn as our Friend

Every planet is basically a great friend depending on it ‘ s placement in the Natal Charts of individuals and their Major Periods and Transitory phases. Saturn has been a great friend and has created great Leaders and Entrepreneurs .Saturn is a great Guru and Teacher. Astrology has a very special place for Saturn. Saturn is known as the Son of The SUN in Astrology .

Mrs. Indira Gandhi was one of the longest serving Prime Ministers of India during her Major period of Saturn for 19 years. She had Cancer Ascendant and Saturn and Moon exchange in the first and the seventh house. SATURN in astrology also deals with Public and Masses. She ruled with an iron fist and was also immensely popular among the masses.

There can be no meaningful prediction in Astrology without considering Saturn at length .Saturn exalts in Libra and debilitates in Aeries. Saturn has ownership of dual signs Capricorn and Aquarius as per VEDIC Astrology.

Astrology has a tremendous role to play with the human Mind Body N Soul.

We shape our destinies with the continuous process of revolving around glories and glooms. Glories are source of our delight and ecstasy through which we realize our own self, our identification in true sense but glooms test our perseverance, it tests our various powers to fight back uphill battles, puts us in intense self doubt and presents an invisible threshold to be crossed. Does it mean that there are some extra terrestrial bodies which make us go around the vicious circle of calamities and problems.

It is not reinforcement of planetary positions but actually the result of our karmas, as it is said that as you sow so shall you reap precisely Law of Karma and also Law of action and Reaction that is for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

Planets are just medium of receiving or giving energy and karma. Each planet in a way symbolizes one or other aspect. They are deliverers of our actions their revolution brings in our karmic cycle rewards for good deeds and punishment for misdeeds. Saturn symbolizes honor, responsibilities, discipline and limits. Astronomically it is the furthest of the inner planets from the sun and the last planet which can be seen with the naked eyes. Astrologically it is the most feared planet as it is considered as the bringer of bereavements and misfortunes. But surprisingly it is the most spectacular planet of all the other planets because of its visible rings which symbolizes the iron band which one wear around ones own self as a result of one’s action or karma. Than why is it so that it is regarded as the most terrifying and devastating in terms of material, physical and social life.

Saturn is not a foe but a friend seems unbelievable but is truth.
Let us try to discover how it is so.
If we give a peep in mythology we find that Saturn killed his father and when king Vikramaditya spoke ill of Saturn, it announced that it won’t leave even a trace of that Miscreant to remain, not even his name. Subsequently the king suffered for 71/2 years at the hands of Saturn and lost every thing he had. The king asked for pardon but Saturn did not forgive him and said that if he would show compassion to the king he would never learn his lesson and later after seven and half years of misfortunes and struggles the king was grateful for his experiences as it showed him the path of salvation and made him judicious and wise. Thus Saturn’s transition actually makes person strong and experienced so how he could be harmful.

Secondly if we turn towards the other aspect that is of relationship we find that without the significant presence of strong and powerful Saturn in one’s natal chart it is difficult to maintain long term relationships. For instance Saturn in first house make person learn the art of steady perseverance, in second house it makes man strong in the sense of being ambitious, in third house it makes one communicate effectively, in fourth house it leaves one discontented in terms of parental love and affection, in fifth house makes one desirous of enhancing his fun and creative side of life, in sixth house it makes one workaholic, in seventh house Saturn brings the art of one-on-one relationship, in eighth house teach one to perfect the art of deep bonding and intimacy with other person, in ninth house it makes one earnest about personal beliefs, in tenth house it makes one learn to persevere through obstacles in order to attain career goals. Saturn in eleventh house makes you loyal and serious about your relationships and Saturn in twelfth house develops in you conviction and make you learn to ignore the inner voices of doubts and pessimism.


Saturn also helps us comprehend our real self at different phases of life. It brings in light of starting something new leaving aside the old ones which has already been accomplished.
As per the Vedic Astrology when Saturn conjuncts Sun it brings rewards help us know restructuring, getting to know illumination and also self realization.
Saturn in Astrology when in Conjunction with moon helps restructure our emotional experience, leading to gain in terms of perseverance, organization, self-discipline, sense of responsibility and maturity.

Saturn in Astrology
helps us gather our higher self by making us rigid and authoritarian but through cementing our experiences through tests on personal, interpersonal and transpersonal sphere we move through. So we may conclude by saying that Vedic Astrology respects Saturn as a friend in disguise all we need to do is to show patience and wisdom during its transition after all it makes one learn in adversity.

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