Astrology and Venus

Venus is the nearest planet to the earth and scientist has nicknamed it as morning and evening star. Sometimes people don’t recognize it and call the police because they think that it is UFO or some alien spaceship. It is quite similar to earth and astrologers take it as signpost of love, sex, optimistic attitude, physical attraction, art, and affection and represents the receptive, emotional , passive and female principles..

In esoteric astrology Venus is regarded as the abode of concrete knowledge. Venus house conjunction shows how you express socially, romantically, and aesthetically in the different areas of the life cycle. Venus brings a sense of harmony, refinement and aesthetic taste to the house it occupies. Venus is the planet of pleasure as it is said that when on journey your car gets a puncture it is mostly to be occurred near gas station. In mythology Venus, or Aphrodite, is considered as the goddess of love. It represents femininity, sensuousness, it is the soft feeling of baby powder on one’s palm, the feeling of sand on one’s hand, the scent of wild flowers, it takes us for trip to earthly pleasures.

Venus retrogrades every 18 months for 6 weeks.
In Gustus Holst’s musical composition The Planets, Venus is called Bringer of peace. It is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus. It is the planet of Friday. In Chinese astrology it is associated with the element metal.
In its sleeping state it can make man lethargic, sluggish, vain and preoccupied with appearance. It makes us just like a large woman eating chocolate and continuously watching T.V and lying on the sofa. It then makes one passive, inert, and unable to make positive changes.

In its awakened state it becomes the healer, with total balance between mind, body and soul. It blesses one with perfection of form, shape, art, and beauty in artistic piece of work. Strange but world’s greatest artist are all men. It makes one stylish luxury lover, selective, charming and easy going. Retro gradation of Venus. During Venus retrograde love impulses, attractions, values, relationships, money and possessions are altered and do not function in their usual way. This means it is the time to go and finish pending work also it deals with deep feelings of past events. They are activated internally and difficult to express externally. It is the time to know you, time to have a peep in what and why you prioritize those things which might have been waspish for others but comfortable to you. It is the time to tune your instincts for guidance.

As far as money is concerned you need to bother extravagant expenditure try to look beyond surface appearances. Also try to pocket information than actually buying things for you for instance you can sit on net and browse right from fashion tips to business tips than actually spending on them. This is the time which makes you rethink and reanalyze your decisions than implementing them in true sense.

In Vedic Astrology Venus represents Poetics, Aesthetics, and Rhetoric. Research says that most of the greatest poets and artists have Venus in their horoscope. Like Tennyson, Byron, Aurobindo, Omar Khyam and Tagore. During this time avoid weddings, opening fashion houses, beauty salon, art gallery, launching of a women magazine, buying expensive items, radical changes in personal looks and investments, parties and social events etc.

We should rather during this time try to clean the house and throw the things of no value or importance. We should also ask genuinely for forgiveness, try to remove the differences in relationship , contact the old friends to maintain relationships and develop unconditional love by doing prayers, meditations and through spiritualism.




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