All entrepreneurs understand the
installed capacity of the plants and machinery and other equipments linked in
the business. Every supplier defines the installed capacity of the products it
supplies, along with its energy consumptions and other related parameters

Now the entrepreneur must appreciate and understand that every human being also has an installed capacity and its energy levels. The success of an enterprise or industry in financial academic terms is understood by the use of the installed capacity. The ones using 100% or 100%plus capacity are able to handle the scales of economy and make profits.
The ones not understanding the capacity are either incapable or have a problem with their equipment and technologies. The underutilized enterprises are not able to make profits and also accrue many other legal , employ based , taxation , trademark , personal sress , credibility and often family and partners troubles .

The human entrepreneurs have no way except to acknowledge the facts related to success or failure.
“Nothing succeeds like success and nothing fails like failure.”
Coming to human beings installed capacity Lord Krishna has very beautifully said the following
“PERFECTION– The difference between your planning and action is the measure of your lack of perfection.”
This very clearly elaborates the contents mentioned in the above paragraphs. Example if you have planned something and achieve 100% or 100% plus of that planning you are almost perfect.
If you have under achieved your planning by your actions you are definitely imperfect to the percentage of measurement.
Never mind some plans very quickly give 100% success and some don’t because of many external factors. The idea behind is that the plans must be supported by adequate and accurate information at time of finalizing the plan of action and the financial resources .
Few things the entrepreneurs must add to their personalities- the important ones are:-
1) Excellence is not an act but a habit. Try doing everything in life perfectly and it will become your habit to do things perfectly. This will auto time and improve your mind body and soul to have planning of perfection, followed by excellent action of perfection.
2) Energy Enhancement- the greatest entrepreneurs have far more energy levels than the common man. They have to be dreamers, thinking big, setting goals and executing perfect plans by their actions. To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.
Always remain at the cause level so that you are not bothered about the effects. For enhancing energy levels add yoga, meditation and laughter and really deep-deep breathing into your daily regime. Take as much sunlight as you can and drink as much water as you can . These are simple ways to become greatest entrepreneur with perfection followed by perfect actions to achieve 100% utilization of your installed capacity. Higher the energy levels, higher the confidence for the enterprises creation. This makes you a co-creator with God the Universal Soul and you achieve the union of your mind, body and soul.

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