Moon Manage Your Thoughts Online

Mind-Moon and thoughts have a very intimate relationship. Mind is always chattering. The problems sometimes are that when you are engaged in a conversation there is a tendency to become impulsive. Mind provokes to utter such words or create some actions which are not in harmony with the people around. It may be very loud or abusive language or obscene actions.

This happens more frequently in family relationships or friends or even in business sometimes. The impact is realized later and once spoken words can’t be retrieved even by saying sorry. Mind is greatly affected by the placement of moons in one’s horoscope. Moon is the fastest moving planet in our solar system. Astrologically the placement of the moon in birth chart of an individual has lot of meaning. Stronger the moon stronger the mind, weaker the moon weaker the mind.
At the birth moon defines the major periods of all the planets in ones life cycle.

Moon rules of fluids. Three-fourth of earth is water. The tides of the oceans are controlled by the waxing or waning moon. Moon has a cycle of 28 days every month. Where and you have the full moon and the dark night. Moon effect is very evident from the above fact. Medically women have their cycle of menstruation of 28 days. The women’s cycle is controlled by the moon’s 28 days cycle. The human bodies larger constitutes are liquids. So the moon has very direct effect on human bodies and mind. The fastest movement of moon in the zodiac keeps the changes at a fast pace.

Due to the effects of the moon on the body and mind the sudden abrupt anger and impulses arise though there are other factors too like the human beings education, environment and self nature. But everyone sets effected by the moons movements frequently. There are very few people who are by nature or trained to be very discreet. The fact is that one can train ones mind to be in central and discreet. Moon is a very benefic planet and is giver of light and is very peaceful in nature too. Though it can create lot of violence also like the tides in the oceans.
By practice one can train one’s mind to be in control. People tend to become very loose after couple of drinks. Even that can be controlled mind by training your mind to demand a reasonable quantity of the last creating products. We human are the light and sound vibrating and dancing energy, children of the God- the universal soul, mind has a language of images which is the most ancient, creative imagination and creative positive visualistion and put the mind in the right perspective. Even repetitive mantras and self motivating dialogues are very useful.

Every one must have heard of online editing by the media professionals. This is done online events. This is very important on National Republic days or Big. Leaders visits to other countries. Because the negligence of any kind is not affordable on such events of international importance.

Train your mind to edit your thoughts process online. Your chattering mind is constantly thinking and having various images filtering through the brain. Just put an auto editor and train your self to edit before you broadcast any of your utterances. By practice your mind will obey and set used to the instructions and keep on doing the online editing. Thus avoiding the impulsiveness generated by the moon s effect on the body s fluids. You will soon find your life more beautiful, more peaceful and more successful.

Your channeling of the mind and moon for managing your thoughts online can bring you huge successes and fortunes and also create great relationships for your life full of love and god’s blessings. Enjoy the success ride and the god’s abundance and affluence. Be blessed my children with the mind and moon energies harnessed in you.

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