Astrology-Sun and Moon

Astrology is an ancient divination that studies the position of the sun, moon and the planets in the twelve zodiac positions at the exact moment of a person birth so as to be able to predict the person future. Astrology studies the movements of these planets and the effect they have on human behavior. However, this is a more simplistic definition of Astrology; it contains much more in depth aspects and is more complicated than it seems.

The sun and the moon, the two illuminary heavenly bodies are very important from the point of view of astrology. The position of the sun and the moon on the natal astrological chart exerts tremendous influence on a human being life and behavior as well as can indicate future events.

The sun position plays an important role in popular astrology. The position of the sun at the time of the birth of a person is a major indicator of his personality but at the same time it is not all conclusive. The sun is a majestic, life sustaining and illuminary energetic force in nature and therefore can be regarded as the most influential heavenly body in astrology. Sun is the only source of light in our milky way galaxy and ene the moon is illuminary but reflects sun’s light only.

The movements of the sun affect different aspects of a person life. Astrology considers the sun to be the center of our existence and all our activities. The sun, in activity represents the self. Apart from shaping a person personality, the sun is also responsible for his ego, spirit and his uniqueness as an individual.

It also occupies an important role in astrology, because it gives strength to other planets. The sun favorable position, in a person astrological chart, shows the level of strength, vigor, wisdom, dignity, generosity and even the level of maturity in a person. The sun in the natal chart in astrology is symbolic of a persons natural father, and a woman’s husband. As it rules over the 5th house, it influences the first born of the family. A person is said to have a natural leadership quality if the sun is strongly placed in his natal chart. This is because in astrology the sun signifies authority and power.

All Medieval kings were born in Leo the sign of sun. Sun exalts in aeries and debilitates.
The Sun and Moon in the natal chart of the third richest man in the world Mr. L .N. Mittal are said tube placed in 9th house from the ascendant in Gemini and 8th house from the ascendant in taurus where the Moon exalts.


In Libra

The moon is the closest to the earth; therefore astrology considers its influence the most deeper than any other planet. The effect of the moon is very personal and intimate in a person life. Just as the sun provides the spirit of a person, the moon is said to be responsible for his emotional balances and mana as the ancient scholars preach. The moon indicates the type of relationship we have with people and family members. It also tells us of our ancestral inheritance and is responsible for our memory. The moon connects our mood with our spirit according to astrology. The moon is said to rule over the mother and the nurturer. People who do not believe astrology and the effects planets on human lives must read the following lines.

Moon controls all the fluids in the human body which largely consists of fluids. Moon has cycle of 28 days. Therefore controls the mesuration cycles of females. Moon controls the tides of all the oceans. The low and high tides follow the moon‘s Cycle of 28 days that is 14 days high tides and 14 days low tides. Full moon has very great importance in the ancient scriptures of Vedic Astrology. This happens once in every month and it is called Poornima in Vedic astrology. each month it has different name for the Poornima. On this day Moon is very powerful as both the illuminaries sun and moon are opposite to each other. This day is very auspicious for prayers and meditation.

Moon is called waxing moon when it is moving toward the full moon and it is a very powerful side of moon. It is called waning moon when it is moving towards the Amavasya the dark night after the full moon. It is slowly waning and loosing it‘s influence during those days. That is why it effects the high and low tides of all the oceans.

Sun is the mightiest of all as it is the giver light, heat, energy, and sustains life on the Planet Mother Earth. Sun stands for the masculine side of our personality. We all human beings are light and sound vibrating and dancing energy of Universal Soul . The two great illuminaries Sun and Moon have the greatest role in this phenomenon of the cosmic universe .

Astrology also says that the moon regulates our nervous system and is the source of creativity in a person. It also influences our emotional life. In the case of an eclipse, i.e., when the moon comes in the sun path, the work and direction of growth of a person is indicated. Therefore, an awareness of these factors through astrology can help us in our future and our psychological well being .This is also a very auspicious time in vedic astrology for instant acceptance of human beings prayers and meditations for salvation to be accepted by the God Almighty. The moon rules over the zodiac sign Cancer.

The sign and the house in which the moon resides in astrology for a person has a special meaning for him. A person will be strongly attracted to the spheres of life which that particular sign of the house influences. The moon thus also gives us our intuition and stands for the feminine side of our personality.

Hindus have been worshipping Sun God since times immemorial and the Moon.

On full moon days and amavsaya days and many other occasions related with the Moon.

There fore the role of the Sun and Moon in Astrology cannot be mitigated.

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