Bikinis will always be obligatory wear for Beach Babes

It’s summer, you are on beach and unless you are a nudist, the best option for near total tanning is the bikini. For the last 45 years, bikini clad beach babes have happily tanned their tums – and Pamela Anderson’s assets are advertising the 90’s bikini in style. But did you know that in Ancient Rome, girls just wanted to have fun in a two-piece, too.

Mosaics found in the Italian town of Piazza Armerina, at the Roman Villa of Casale in the valley of the Gela, prove it. Archaeologists whistled when they uncovered playful mosaics of scantily clad women at the world famous site in the Enna Province. The country villa dates back to the end of the 4th century and is thought to have been the residence of a rich merchant who traded with Afria. In the twelfth century, the luxurious dwelling was submerged in mud following a great flood and remained hidden for almost eight hundred years.

Then, at the beginning of this century, it was excavated, revealing a number of extraordinary mosaics.

The world famous site in the Enna Province.


Then, at the beginning of this century, it was excavated, revealing a number of extraordinary mosaics.

Most famous are the palestrite ten beautiful girls clothed in two piece swim suits, playing with a ball and posing among the flowers.
Like the Ancient Romans, we take bikinis for granted.

But when Frederick Melloinger, proprietor of top underwear emporium Frederick’s of Hollywood, introduced them to America in the prudish post-war years, the costumes were considered shocking. Despite the fact that the bikinis had six inch high panties and fully covered bras, a Frederick’s customer was arrested for wearing her bikini to a public beath in California.
In fact, aside from Ancient Rome, the customes had been around since 1935, when women began wearing shorts with cropped tops in summer.

But it was not until war-time fabric shortages struck in 1947 that the modern bikini evolved.
As public opinion warmed towards the new style, bikinis named after the two islands which comprise the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean-took over the beaches.

They’ve never looked back. Sometimes the customers are so small that they can hardly be said to consist of anything but a strip of lycra and lots of air. Which, according to a London psychologists, is an interesting revelation of character. The bikini girl, he says, might wear the minimum, but she is not out of shock. She is probably a very gentle person, with a certain modesty. The micro-bikini, on the other hand, shouts out to be noticed. By barely covering the sexual areas the wearer draws attention to them, rather than the face. She may not be confident in herself as a person and assumes that what appeals to men about women is essentially sexual. Explains the expert.

When the top half of a micro-bikini is shed, “Deep down she lacks confidence”. Is the unexpected answer. By drawing attention to her breasts, bottom and legs, she is saying: Look at me, I am female.
But in truth she is possibly quite secretive, perhaps even shy. Although she is baring all, she is showing nothing of her true self to the outside world.One piece swimsuits go to the opposite extreme, covering those same areas of male attraction. Is she a prude.


Not at all, is the verdict. She’s confident, well adjusted and wants to be accepted as a person, not just a sex object. The first thing you notice is her face, then you see that she also has very nice figure. She’s an interesting person to know, and she’s not going to try to be seductive in any way. It’s important to get your message right, according to a survey of Frenc, British, Italian and Spanish beach resorts. Experts found that only one person in eight actually goes to the beach to swim. Eventy percent of men on the beaches confessed that their main interest was looking at the girls – while 40 percent of women admitted that they went there to be admired by the opposite sex.

But safety first.

While wearing your two-piece scanties, remember to use plenty of sunscreen lotion to minimise the risk of skin cancer and work on developing your tan with the help of ‘fake’ tanning creams.

A wide – brimmed hat and light silk or muslin shirt casually draped around your shoulders can make a stunning fashion statement, while protecting your skin. And an elegant parasol to shield your face from the sun’s rays can only enhance your image.

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