Society – the greatest invention of Era

The society is not a one day development it takes million of years to make it like this as it is now. There is no limit to what we as a person or as a society can achieve. We are only limited by our own belief systems. “We become what we believe we can become.” As it also said in Bhagavad-Gita too that human nature always tries to learn things that seem unknown.

The social life of human being is constant evolving under pressure of its own desire to evident greater powers of life. It is also sprouting under the influence of higher-level spiritual determinants working behind the scenes to express higher powers of perception. This evolutionary intent expresses subconsciously as the will of the society. This collective will expresses through the actions of individual members of the society pursuing their own interests and aspirations. Society has immeasurable possible for accomplishment, joy, and evolution, development and Growth.

As Life and society exists in the grades of stamina, growth, development and evolution. An agriculture society changing into an industrial society is development. A dearth stricken population avoiding disappearance by its brave struggle is survival. A middle class family that faces a slide downs into a lower class fighting back fruitfully ia also a survival.


Evolutionary Stages of Society

The last 50 years has seen a vast development of the mental perception. Humans are ever more frequently having subtle and spiritual experiences indicating a movement towards higher mind.

The universe evolved from matter to life to mind; and the individual parallels that development in his body, his imperative, and his mind, so too the society has evolved from a physical state of survival beginning say 100,000 years ago, to a imperative stage during the middle of the last millennium, focused on trade, and interaction with others; to a mental stage that he is now currently unfolding in which we see the emergence of freedom, democracy, higher organization, education, and individual self-fulfillment.
There have thus been three stages of social development:

The Physical: – Marked by survival, deference to the cooperative, etc.

The Vital: – Marked by human interconnections, trek, business, etc. the

The Mental: – Freedom, fulfillment, higher organization, etc.

  • The nowadays emerging mental stage of social development is indicated by an increase in freedom, democracy, mental curiosity, human fulfillment, and higher levels of society.

  • The Internet is insightful of the further emergence of the power of mind. The Internet is an outer reflection, form of the mental stage of human development.

  • The more complex and consistent the systems of an organization are, the more development and advancement there is in society.

More than the mental age of society is the holy age, indicated by harmony, unity, association, peace, unlimited infinite potential of execution, success, and joy. There is also the utilization of the Divine Spirit, i.e. the Force -which can also be accessed even in the mental age, to create instant life response, accomplishment, and possibility in life. The greater globalize, through greater economic development and dependency, increase in communications and media, and indicate an accelerating movement towards the outer oneness of life.

Stride of Civilization

The stride of civilization began in Mesopotamia. Man took to agriculture and urban living. It was a physical life of the civilized man. The mind was developed in Greece in later centuries. The advancement of Man continued, but elsewhere. It was Rome that developed law, art, and empires. Again it moved. Europe developed science. Now that center of that movement is in USA, which is focusing not so much on Science as Scientific Technology.

Advancement in Civilization and Role of India

Civilization arrives at exposure which later becomes their culture. The Indian discovery of the Spirit as the fundamental principle for all these expressions and their reliance on that spiritual approach to shape their daily life is unique to India. The full cycle of human capacities having been developed successively, what remains now is to unite them all.

New-Fangled Evolution in Society

The last 50 years has seen a vast development of the mental consciousness, surpassing the previous 500. Humans are ever more frequently having understated and psychic experiences indicating a movement towards higher mind. The greater globules, through greater economic development and dependency, increase in communications and media, indicate an accelerating movement towards the outer oneness of life.

All achievements of modern civilization are products of mind:-

• Democracy

• Science

• Technology

• Industrialization

• Education

• Economic development

• Money

• Social Organizations – Green Revolution

• Internet

The progression from one stage to the next stimulates an exponential increase in the productivity and accomplishments of society.

Man budding into the Rational & Pious Dimension

Today’s man has multiplied his level of comforts, pleasure, achieve, mastery a hundred or even a thousand-fold. The achievement in one millennium has been exceptional and hard to believe. This occurred because man moved from being physical to being mental. Though he has not yet acquired a fully formed mental life, a rational life, certainly he has moved away from the physical to the vital life. Both body and vitality accept the guidance of the mind, at least in material matters. Thus, we can say that man today is mental.

If this phenomenal expansion was the result of moving from the physical to the mental, moving from mind to the Spirit can bring another phenomenal expansion of similar magnitude. Today’s life will further expand in its richness, inner peace, outer security, harmony and, especially, in Prosperity a thousand-fold.

Rising Expectations in Mental Stage

Media, communications and technology is creating rising prospect of all individuals of the world to accomplish one’s individual fulfillment. This is an indicator of the mental phase of development for a human being. The two greatest revolutions in the modern human history as far as the development of the technology is concerned are: Industrial Revolution and IT Revolution. The computers which set at the roots of the IT revolution are doing the mental work as directed by us, the humans. This is the current scenario. Analysis of large amount of data and its management is being computerized all over the globe. The IT revolution is still and ongoing one. Today we have a huge network of computers called the World Wide Web where almost every computer on this network can communicate with every other computer and exchange information. Like more breakthrough are achieved in the field if Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we will be finally able to develop software programs which could think like humans and speak in our own human languages.

ociety’s implementation of mind centered in the spiritual consciousness has that potential effect to the infinite degree. The expansion and relevance of mind strengthen humanity by scientific and executive innovation, spread of education, acceptance of new ideas and higher values.

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