Bravest Deserve the Best-Myth

Many kings have been cowards and dependent on their generals, but still deserved the best. One does not have to be Alexander the great or Ashoka the great or Genghis khan to be brave.


One has to be brave in whatever one thinks right and do that with full conviction and harmony of the mind body n soul communion with a belief in your self like Lord Krishna says do your karmas with detachment and leave the fruits to me. Today’s world has not integrated the materialism and spiritualism and that is why there is stress and psychosomatic diseases. The world says when money speaks English needs no grammar, but that may be useful to satisfy the inflated egos, they are also part of the universal soul nature.

The moment you say I have done this, you become the universal factor for the cause and effect. If you humbly submit all physical and mental actions to God then he is the one responsible for the cause and effect and you are sin free and the purest universal soul. Always remain at the cause level, so the effects do not effect you. Sin is not in the action it is in the reaction which rebounds after the action. Mind your thoughts and edit them online like a great journalist.

Lord Krishna says, abandoning all dharma of the mind body and intellect take refuge in me alone, I shall liberate thee from all sins.

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