Thoughts Jungle

Mind is wild. Mind is an infinite jungle of irrational, illogical thoughts. It is a mad, mad mad house and uncertain.
Thoughts take me from past to future and back and forth without any logic. At same level it is goals, ideas, desires, concepts, ambitions and uncertainty or certainty of future.

Then it is guilt, emotions, negative or positive, fear of the unknown and discontentment. During a seminar a management guru from Australia, on the last day asked his attendees to write a letter to yourself. Most of them broke down and cried when writing the letter from their scattered and unedited thoughts. There is a chattering mind always with no control of ours. The more aggressively you try rejecting thoughts, they rebounce with more intensity. Awareness is the only energy which is like fire and is capable of controlling the mind and making it free from thoughts. One minute rest to the brain from thoughts with awareness is equivalent to hours of rest to the whole mind body and soul. Meditation is the only way to be aware of your being. Relax and let go. Be a witness and observe the thoughts without being judgmental. The power of awareness, energy rises helps to be in the present moment that is now. Stay there, the thoughts will vanish and the quiet mind zone embraces with love.

Meditation only can grace you with this bliss.

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