Passions Do Not Require A Holiday

If you make your passion or your hobby, as your or business, you will actually never need a holiday in your life. However holidays are important and fun to relax .

The fact is if your business gives you a kick, your mind body n soul remain in unity and harmony. Doing what you love to do, you are not being forced by anybody. Money is an automatic off shoot of the work put in with passion and belief. However one must take an off once a while as we are travelers on the heavenly Planet Mother Earth. The nature is very beautiful and the Sun, Moon and the Stars Dancing in the Blue Sky are a Cosmic Dance with Oceans on the Earth reflecting their Beautiful Colors. Let us celebrate our Spiritual Being in a Human experience and travel the Planet Mother Earth and the Space. Traveling is full of extreme knowledge through the senses and our passions and belief get rejuvenated with the exposure to the Sun, Moon, Winds, Oceans, Air, Space and the Light of the Universe. I am the Light and Sound Vibrating and Dancing Energy, Son of the Universal Soul.

Celebrate life now.

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