Time-The Wish Machine

God Just Descended in my Heart and Said With Love to send this Message to the world instantly. All Humans in the World must get blessings of the God.

This is the Time to wish any thing you want in life. On seeing this message find a comfortable posture and take three deep breaths and relax. Visualise creatively any thing you want and the universe creates the desired abundance and affluence for you. This is a very great message and very very time irrespective of Astronomy. You have sown the seed in the universe and nurse it to manifest. No dramatic rituals are required. The only thing required is that your wish should be with the purpose of nobility and benefit to you. Your family, Your near and dear ones, The Society, The Planet earth and The Universe. There is no restriction on the abundance and the affluence you may wish to imagine and visualize.


Your breath is the only live mantra to achieve any thing you wish irrespective of your back ground or education level. Remember it must mean welfare to man kind. The Planet Earth and The Universe. Time is clicking every moment , thoughts are crossing the mind non stop , day and night , take this opportunity and use the time machine as the wish machine .Freely pass this message to your loved ones all over the world .Each one must read the message himself or herself to use the special opportunity .Spread the Time – The wish machine and find a different world around you in a matter of hours and days .This message from God through me is without any obligation of any kind .




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