Mobile-Cell Phones and Infertility

Mobile Phones – Recent news reports mention that a research institute in Europe conducted a research on the use of mobile phones.

They have found that excessive use of mobile phones causes infertility in men and women .Another news report suggests that a very sexually active man using a high technology high powered mobile instrument of a top of the line mobile phone brand and keeping it in the trouser pocket has lost his sperm count to zero. There have been conflicting reports ever since the introduction of the mobile phones in the world. The Public Relations Media agencies of the mobile phone companies have been constantly criticizing any kind of research against them in any part of the world. The mobile phone companies and the service providers are huge global multinational giants. They can afford to call any research against them as trash because of their money and media power. Watch out for yourself and at least take precautions not to keep the mobile phones in the pockets near the heart and trouser pockets.

The sex organs and the heart are very sensitive areas. Try using it lesser as the brain is also very sensitive Preferably. use the loud speaker of the mobile phone for excessive use.

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