Breathing Power Swar Vijnana

Observing the Swara:
Strong inhaling from the nose allows the individual to understand which nostril has a dominant flow at a particular time. The stronger nostril-flow will have a particularly heating or cooling effect. At any given time, in the human body, only one nadi or nostril-flow, the left or the right, will be dominant. The left flow is known as IDA NADI or CHANDRA NADI, relating to the moon; and the right flow is known as PINGALA NADI OR SURYA NADI, relating to the sun.

The Ida and Pingala-flows of breath terminate in the left and right nostril respectively and the dominance of each of these flows can be easily comprehended by the practitioner through basic observation. SWARA-VIJNANA emphasizes on a third flow of the breath in the nostrils known as the Sushumna Nadi. The Sushumna Nadi is activated when both nostrils flow simultaneously, which normally happens for a fraction of a second when the flows between the two sides switch, at dawn and dusk. This periodic alternation of the breath and activation of Sushumna Nadi at various intervals balances the human body. SWARA-VIJNANA being the science of co-coordinating the physical body?s movements and external activities to this periodic alternation, seeks to prevent the balance being disturbed.

The reason that the Ida is called the Chandra Nadi and the Pingala Surya Nadi is because the dominance of these flows is affected by lunar and solar cycles and planetary movements. One of the important practices of SWARA-VIJNANA is to check the dominant breath so as to make it accord with the planetary movements and lunar cycle and prevent physical and psychological problems. Each dominant flow only lasts for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the health of an individual. The breath alternates to the other nostril, depending on the condition of the individual and the cycle continues through day and night. Understanding these rhythms of the human body is the first step in the practice of yoga.

The Sushumna Nadi or Shunya (Zero) Nadi lasts practically a second, when the flow of the breath is changing over from one nostril to another. During this time, the mind normally goes blank, and no human activity is possible. Since its barely observed in beginners, it doesn’t hold much significance.

Overview of Advanced practices:

  • SWARA-VIJNANA allows one to get in tune with the lunar and planetary cycle and to change the left or right hemisphere of the brain at will.

  • SWARA-VIJNANA is the greatest aid in any physical healing process, as well as it gives the individual an ability to change and influence external circumstances around him.

  • Only regular practice by the individual can give such desirable results.

  • Advanced Kriya yoga practices view this particular flow of breath as the gateway to enlightenment as it energizes the energy channels around the pituitary gland that can give the practitioner a sense of euphoria and elation. However, without the right kind of bodily discipline, this can lead to serious imbalances in the body

  • It is advised not to practice any such techniques without the correct tutelage.

  • The basic practices of pranayama help in extending this flow practically to a few seconds, which coupled with the practices of SWARA-VIJNANA give the maximum benefit to the practitioner in a safe manner.


For the proper study of SWARA-VIJNANA the Knowledge of tattvas i.e. five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether the movement of the moon through its various phases and the knowledge of Hindu calendar representing various planetary movements is very much essentially called for.

  • A senior SWARA-VIJNANA practitioner can command the forces of nature,

  • This is a tried and tested fact that has been observed through the ages.

  • Yogis who have full knowledge of the elements are able to successfully harness forces of nature, much to the amazement of onlookers.

  • It is neither magic nor any kind of illusion and is simply a representation of the possible human ability to capture complete knowledge about the forces of nature.

  • This requires an advanced study of the elements, which is not possible through simple reading of book and primers.

  • The physical body first has to be prepared through yogic postures and other techniques for higher purposes.

  • Further Dhyana Kriya or Meditation has to be mastered, before the complete secrets of the elements or tattvas are revealed by a master to the practitioner. The reason for its being a secret science is that this revered knowledge was passed only through the remaining few masters to their students. A true master chooses never to misuse these powers, hence very little is known about it publicly. However, those who have had the opportunity to remain close to masters and practitioners of this ancient technique can vouch for its authenticity.

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