Cause Immortality and Longevity

Great men have used many innovative ways to cause immortality and longevity for themselves. Men of letters have the creative capacity to immortalize themselves. These are other men who have used different approaches to cause immortality and longevity for themselves and the history is star studded with these noble human immortal personalities.

Today’s worlds leadership Guru and author of many international best sellers Robin Sharma spoke at a leadership seminar in New Delhi on the above and other related subjects of learning , always be learning , never stop improving , health is wealth , find a cause. With his leadership development work with world’s large multinational corporate and as a mentor and executive coach to many of the superstars of today’s business he has closely observed the personality traits the stars use and achieve longevity within their careers and within themselves. These best performing stars have lust for learning. They are always learning as Mahatma Gandhi said at his old age, I am still learning. Open minds and curiosity for learning allows them to work and remain child like and be always creative.


OSHO very sincerely advised people to be child like and GOD really loves those who can learn and be childlike. In this ever changing world ideas are the seeds of success and passionate learning makes one an idea generating Universal resource. There is an old saying, if you make your hobby or passion as your profession or business you will never need a holiday. The fire energy of your passion keeps you staying as a child always sensitive to the great wonders life offers. It’s a great way to cure ageing and grant longevity. Other important thing is to learn to manage success. Never stop improving. Success has a great positive chemistry for the mind body soul .It inspires positive thinking mind body n soul for more and more creativity. Success not managed well can make individuals and organizations complacement, stale and inefficient .The individuals and organizations start ignoring the very facts that contributed to their success.


The best stars keep improving to perfection levels.
The difference between your planning and action is the measure of your lack of perfection. They keep making their today better than yesterday. The best stars have infinite energy and appetite for stretching their personal frontiers and improve each and every area of their lives. A man is as old he feels. The energy to keep improving keeps them young at heart and provides positive thinking mind body n soul. Health is very very important part of the whole system of causing immortality and longevity. Perfect health is physical, mental, social and economic well being.

This is often seen in the entrepreneurs and professionals in a competitive race ignoring their health for wealth today and willing to give up the wealth for the health tomorrow. It needs to be balanced with a mind set to make them more energetic , creative , focused , positive thinking and happy.

Start Now.

Wealth is not only measured by how much money you have, it is also measured by how much you are at peace within. It is very beautifully covered in Robin Sharma’s book. The Monk who sold his FERRARI. Cause Immortality and longevity by finding and choosing a cause that’s larger than life size. Be sure that you love to put in your best mind body soul for the cause you have carefully chosen. Dedicate your life to this great cause. Any cause which contributes towards the well being of the entire Universe the light and sound vibrating any dancing energy and essence of God is a great cause.  Cause could be being a great leader who creates greatest values for business, human society, politics, religion, philanthropy.

Robin Sharma in his book. The greatness Guide, says that the secret to immortality and longevity is to find a cause that is larger than yourself and then have the courage to donate your life to it. He has really said it very beautifully like an enlightened Saint.  Get moving Now, find yourself a great cause and dedicate your life to it and make this world of mother earth a heavenly place in the Universe with. Every One singing positive thinking mind body soul.

 Commentary by – Her Holiness Maha Maya Ananta.

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