Full Breathed Full Lived – Half Breathed Half Lived

Infinite Energy by Proper Breathing

Breathing is a technique a scientific technique which INDIAN SAGES have known ever since the start of the thinking and talking human being. Some people may call it an art of breathing. The process of breathing is much more than inhaling and exhaling.

Breathing kick starts whole system of reactions, spanning each of the billions of cells that make up our humans bodies. More Oxygen in the blood stream promotes the excretory system, clearing the body of toxins.

More oxygen to the brain provides super energy and vitality. Brain consumes almost 80% of the oxygen we inhale. Proper breathing reminds the body that all is fine and in definitive control. Breathing has always been an important aspect wellness, but people grow up older, breathing becomes less and less scientific. It becomes shallow berthing and breathes from the chest, and not from the tummy.

Correct Breathing – The scientific way

See a little baby breathe. In and out, deep, slowly, easily and very calmly. The little child is doing belly breathing, not the chest rising and falling, rather it is the belly. Scientifically, the diaphragm, the muscle between the chest and the abdominal cavity, moves. See your self breathing. It differs. The men have been very conscious of their mach figure and have got used to chest breathing so that the Chest remains out and the tummy in. This gives men the look of a strong personality. Because they consider belly breathing gives them narrow chests. Full breathed full lived half breathed half lived sage of India said. You get infinite universal life force energy by full breathing. This keep you mentally fit and physically rejuvenated. Mostly people, expand their chest inhaling and contracts exhaling. Over the people, have got accustomed to hold the stomach in and chest out. This has become a way of breathing over the centuries .We believe Japanese is the only community which has been practicing the right way to breathe without caring for the smaller or bigger chests . Life in a modern city, with pollution problems, lack of fresh air results in a gradual shift from abdominal – Belly breathing to shallow chest breathing.

This breathing pattern is not the natural process of growing older. Researchers advise this is very a bad habit adapted by human beings. Here comes in the Yoga , Pranayam , Meditation which teach the right way of breathing and energizing the mind body n soul They also advise that changing the habit , and returning to breathing like that of a little child , we can help ourselves and rid of chronic complaints of headaches and fatigue and get more energized . Proper breathing technique is a great stress buster. Lowers our blood pressure, strengthen our hearts supply proper doses of oxygen to the brain which consumes about 80% of the inhaled oxygen and much more. “The way we breathe can have a profound effect on the way we feel,” says psychologist Dr. Phil Nuernberger, author of ‘Freedom from stress.’ “Many stress related ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional, may be caused by improper breathing, and fortunately, they can be easily reversed by adopting scientific breathing mechanisms.” Besides health benefits, deep breathing results in a superior feeling of well-being. Deep breathing – belly breathing encourages creativity, stimulates memory, and calms emotional imbalances.

Belly Breathing
Sit down in comfortable place. Wear light and comfortable clothes .Put your right arm on the stomach, and breathe in the following way.

1. Breathe in through the nose, counting three.
2. Hold, counting up to six.
3. Breathe out through the mouth, counting four.
While you breathe in, fill your stomach full with air and expand outwards, and as you breathe out, deflate your stomach. Do this three times a day, and increase to 10 times a day after two days and do this for the next ten days. You will see yourself rejuvenated with much lesser stress and improved health. If you make it a regular practice, you may never fall sick. Add other yoga pranayam and meditation techniques to get more from life. Full breathed full lived half breathed half lived. Breathe fully as it is your birth right granted by God Almighty.

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