Yoga and Weight Loss – An Unmatched Phenomenon

Do you know that after several births, we attain the most magnificent birth-as a Human being? But, sadly the youth of today is not concerned about his health and only focuses on monetary issues. This sedentary lifestyle that he gets accustomed to, gradually seeps in to make him vulnerable to diseases.

With the advent of modern machinery, proper utilization of body parts has given way to easy to use mechanical items. This convenience has seeped in innumerable diseases, which multiply every year-end. Little do we realize that such a lifestyle would be a threat to us even leading to death? Our next generation is affected all the more. Their parents who are just as ignorant as their paternal counterparts have genetically attributed their carelessness. With the increase in Fast Food centers, an undying love for junk food is always on the rise leading to overweight teenagers and later adults. They later on are forced by their parents to cut down on food to lose the extra packs on them. But, this leads them to other health hazards. Yoga comes as a rescue to us and as a result with its gradual and dedicated practice melts away all the excessive pile-up of extra weight. Did you know that our body is blessed with about 60,000 miles long veins and arteries? With the help of these veins, blood and oxygen reach every part of the body thereby increasing our metabolic rate. Let us see how regular practice of Yoga can affect our over bodyweight and stabilize it.

YOGA AND WEIGHT LOSS: The deficiency of exercise leads to a superficial breathing which in turn causes the Heart muscle to weaken. The higher the tendency of the Heart to pump blood, the greater is the tendency to lose weight. We should not ignore our muscles. The heightened benefit of Yoga is the loosening of muscles that were extremely tight and contracted due to excessive inactivity and Stress. Regular Yoga also induces elasticity of joints and also correct bad postures. Though the benefits of Yoga are Uncountable, The best one can benefit is from the Weight loss perspective. It’s highly beneficial for those who are primarily focused for Wight loss. The slow and steady poses which require slow breathing in every posture builds up heat and potentially cause calorie deduction. This could even replace other highly strenuous exercises like walking, biking or running.

DIET: Besides following very organized steps in Yoga, the first and foremost thing is our diet. The elimination of Fast food from the diet is a must. Not only that fresh, simple, Saatvic or less spicy food should be consumed. Stale or repeatedly food should be avoided completely. Foods high in fat such as – noodles, samosas, pizza, bread, biscuits, pastries, burgers, tea, coffee, alchohol, cigarette, non-veg, egg should be completely devoid in a Yoga practice. Once having started the Asana, it is important to remain empty stomach or have 4 hours gap before beginning. It is essential because otherwise food acts as a barrier towards the formulation of Asana thereby counter-effecting the cause. Salt and sugar should be consumed as less as possible.

One very essential thing to keep in mind is the dress code. A comfortable and easily stretchable material should be adorned before beginning Yogic Kriyas.

Never begin the difficult Kriyas. As a matter of fact, start off with very light ones to keep the flexibility. Starting off on a strenuous note can empower muscle pull or even cramps.

While performing the Kriyas, the breathing should be continuous while keeping in mind the focus on particular part of the body you are aiming to reduce. This would bring tremendous changes in your metabolism and cause speedy reduction in body weight.

Having borne these essential things for Power Yoga, let us begin with a few but important Yogic Kriyas.

1. Janusirsana :

– Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you and arms on your side.
– Slowly bend your right knee by placing the sole towards the inner side.
– After attaining the pose, gradually try touching the left leg feeling a stretch in
your back. Make sure the movement is slow and steady
.- Feel the stretch in each part of your body. The rhythm of breathing should
– Gently come back while inhaling and relax.
– Repeat with the other leg.

2. Tadasana or mountain pose :

Keep feet apart.
Now bring both arms interlock your fingers and stretch with high intensity.
Try to stretch as far as you can as if you are trying to touch the sky.
This Kriya stretches each and every muscle and thereby elongating it.

3. Virabhrdrasana or Warrior pose :

Step forward you right leg and move back your left leg keeping them straight
without bending.

Now, bring both your arms together facing them towards the sky, while

Now, while exhaling bend forward your right knee lowering your body.
Remember to look towards the sky while holding your hands upwards.
Keep this position stable for 5-10 minutes.
Repeat on the other sides.

4. Trikosana or Triangle pose :

Spread your feet 3-4 inches apart.
Raise your arms at shoulder level.
Inhale and bend towards the right side. Remain in the same position for e few breaths.
Come back and repeat the other side.
This erases extra flab from your waist thereby giving it flexibility.

5. Cobra pose :

This is extremely beneficial for the abdominal muscles.
Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and joining each other.
Now, while inhaling, slowly lift your abdomen making sure not to bend your knees.
Remain in this position for a few minutes.
Continue for 7-8 times.
If you cannot sit comfortable on your legs and feet, utilize a brick. Focus
on elongating the spine while sinking the tailbone into the earth.
Note: do not put undue strain on your knees, and do not roll your ankles
or feet to either inside or outside.

Another very beneficial form of Yoga is Pranayam. It not only gives you immense mental stability but also helps in weight reduction. The various forms of Pranayam empower fast weight loss. It allows the intake of Prana Shakti inside our body to cleanse our system of toxins. The toxins, which are not easily eradicated, are simply flushed out by this breathing exercise.

So, with an honest and sincere aim to lose weight and keep yourself fit as a fiddle, start off as early as possible and bid goodbye to the extra baggage you are carrying along.

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