Maya, MahaMaya, and YogaMaya

Latest research has proved clear of the shadow of disbelief that laughter has both profound preventive and beneficial values. Laughter is positively the best medicine so far there are very few things in current life which make us laugh, while there are hundreds of things that can make us frown, howl and cry. It is not astonishing so that people seem to have gone how to laugh.

Our sense of joking is also getting sick. The things at which we used to laugh vigorously 30 years ago no longer arouse even the faintest smile. You can’t depend on a sagacity of humour to create laughter anyway, as humour is a very mental and bright phenomenon. Everybody does not have a sagacity of humour.

Maya is Illusion. It is an eternally existing mindless, lifeless and delusive power of God that appears and multiplies itself in the form of this universe. All human beings live under its delusory power, believing this world and its contents to be real. Maya is that power, which makes us forget our Higher Self, Who we truly are. The Divine Mother known as MahaMaya is the Illusory Power of the Lord. Those individuals wishing to rise above the lower Self and aspiring to achieve realization worship Goddess MahaMaya. Mother MahaMaya controls Nature and the celestial government. The Absolute Himself doesn’t interfere in the functioning of Nature. However, scriptures reveal that God can interfere in the nature through his most potent power YogaMaya. (divine potential energy). YogaMaya is one who knows and controls the Maya of yoga.

Yoga is a complex word. By some it is considered to be a physical energy-moving process through posture and breath. To others, Yoga is opportunity, it is union, it is addition, it is a time frame, meaning a connection with destiny. YogaMaya is one who has control over all these aspects of Yoga. She is known to work in close proximity with Lord Vishnu, following his guidance with a special magic that is hers alone. Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver, but very often, he takes up the role of the destroyer; destroying the evil that deep-rooted evil / the negativity within that man is not able to conquer on his own. At such times, YogaMaya’s play is at it’s peak. She enchants everyone and keeps them busy, giving Vishnu the chance to complete the undertaken work. For e.g. When Krishna (a form of Lord Vishnu) was born on earth, YogaMaya took birth at the same time in the home of Nandbaba, who is known as Krishna’s foster father. Krishna’s real father Vasudev took him in the middle of the night through the flood to Nandbaba’s house and exchanged Krishna with YogaMaya. Kans, Krishna’s evil uncle took the little baby girl in his hands and was just about to hurl her to the ground when she slipped out of his hands and flew up into the sky. She took up her original form of a Goddess and informed Kans that the saviour of the world was alive and well. All throughout Krishna’s life, YogaMaya remained by his side, helping him at every step.

According to Vedanta, the most intimate personal power of God that gives life, liveliness, and Bliss to the entire Divine phenomena, including God Himself, is called yogamaya. It is the power of doing, undoing, and reverse doing capability.
(a) This power manifests all kind, class or denomination of absolute or non-absolute eternal or non-eternal and imaginable or non-imaginable happenings related to any of the Divine or material phenomena. It means a power of all-doing capability.

This power undoes the entire creation during maha pralaya (the end of the world), terminates the eternal hold of Maya on a soul and dissolves his unlimited past karmas on God realization.

This power can award an eternally inflicted, dissolute, limited and death bound soul with the Divine body and mind of unlimited and absolute Blissful capacity for eternity.
This is the power which graciously makes the entire Divine phenomena Blissful; manifests the loving leelas (Cosmic play) of Radha Krishna; and Graces the souls with the Divine experiences.

According to the Upanishads, when Yogamaya merges into Radha, they form the essence and life force of Ahladini shakti (The Divine Love Power) or that power which can grant any wish. The absoluteness of YogaMaya is Radha Herself (as said in the Bhagwatam). In short, we can understand that this Ahladini Shakti is the most miraculous power in God with which He conducts all of His Gracious activities.

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