Calling it Quits for Depression

Everyone is surrounded by it. The small, old, young, parents, children, women, men. Some point of their lives they feel empty and tend to surround themselves in an envelope of despair and grief.

The reason could be anything. Stress related to work or family or maybe a crisis in the family. The bottom line of all this is feeling of worthlessness and sadomy. The most important thing to considerate is that it should be separated into many layers. The problems contributed to disappoint, grief and despair are often separable. Many times a blanket of malaise is always on the top which is about despair and hopelessness. This layer is the emotional response to symptoms of depression. No sooner than this feeling comes, a feeling of emptiness comes and a person starts having negative feeling about him. A person is engulfed by negative thoughts when they are depressed. He asserts words like? I am useless?, nobody loves me?, ?I am an unattractive person? or ?I am worthless?. Things related to personal or professional issues create a direct impact on the life of the person and tends to engulf him in the clutches of depression.


Sometimes a person feels more worthless when rejected by society involving relatives and friends. Being closely associated with them, he somehow cannot take the brunt of feeling humiliated and tends to feel worthless. It’s almost as if he in a trap or cycles which remind him to get depressed further. Feeling depressed makes him prone to negative energies which make him further more depressed and uneasy.

Calling it quits for depression relates to the positive approach of life and never to take a negative or passive attitude in life. Let us see how these can be worked upon.


  • Identify the cause: these calls for accurate measures. Identifying the root cause would be the first step to self realization. You should feel the aura of energy around you when you are mentally disturbed. It would take some time, but gradually when you identify it try throwing out the cause with full force just like you would throw a heavy stone from your hand. This eases strain and causes comfort in your energy levels too.


    1. Analyze the result of a certain instance of depression. What are the side effects of depression? Lethargy, confusion, hatred, anger. Self pity.

    2. Separate the cycle of depression. This would help in reducing the self downing loop.

    3. It is true that the top most layers in depression are thoroughly emotional. This had lead to all the negative factors such as hatred and self pity. Realizing this would mean that you have attained depression for as reason and the emotional quotient was meant to give you an outburst of emotions in the form of tears, shouts, screams. All the pent up emotions throttled all these e years seem to find and outlet during these procedures. It helps in letting go.

  • After you managed to throw out him negative through outbursts like shouting and screaming the next step is to mellow down and start loving yourself. Even if you are not as good looking as the supermodel feels thankful and loved by appreciating the good thing you got from the gift by God. Chances are you will fall in love with yourself all over gain. This would seem like a second birth.

  • The next step would be to get a hold over you and work toward success. Start working out a way to make your dreams come true. Have feeling of love inside and outside and let the positive flow of energy reverberate your senses. A strong belief in yourself and the almighty is bound to make things happen for you in the most positive manner.

  • Certain expectations from others or yourself can tend to overpower your self worth and make you feel sluggish and worthless. Ceasing to expectation is going to heighten your chances of improvement and come out from the clutches of depression.

  • Mocking at something and making a satire of something helps to ease depression to an extent. It helps to see life on the brighter side. Merely laughing at ourselves or someone’s mistakes makes a perspective look better. Having an outrage on someone or keeping emotions under control paves way for a destructive side of depression. To counter this it is a must to look at life’s better perspective.


Dealing with depression is an interpersonal skill. Some of us have it in abundance to fight it while others chose to run away form this. Depression is not a ghost. It is a penetrating tree inside you and making its roots stronger every day. Do not give yourself to psychiatrists to take it out. You have to help yourself in throwing out the monster out of your life.



Author: admin