Clear The Weeds in Your Life

The moment you step out in the garden you constantly gear up to clear the clutter cause by the downfall of leavers.

The garden that you love so much is full of unwanted weeds and the first thing you would want to do is to clear them off. Similarly, our life is also cluttered by unwanted weeds in the form of negative thoughts. The life which we should cherish with positive and enduring thoughts gets cluttered and messed up with unnecessary emotions and a whirlpool of negativity. With the onset of spring, it is the time to rake your garden of the mind; to de-clutter and to provide an open space.


Let us step into theses following ways to clear the weeds and realize your dreams.


  • Weed off for freshness: Gardeners are always in the lookout for new seeds to improvise their garden by inexpensive seeds having the best quality and get started with managing and maintaining their garden. Similarly people who are in love with their lives tend to find numerous exciting ways to bring growth in their lives. A beautiful plant withers down if it outgrows the pot. Since it is unable to fit inside it dies due to lack of space. Similarly our life is like the plant which requires space to grow and cherish without which we would seem alive but inside our hearts would feel unsatisfied. Finding a larger growth environment is the essence of bringing life back into an existence. Indulge in things that make you live. Do not just live for the sake of living. Breathe in love and freshness and let go off negativity. The weeds of negatitivity will not last for long. Your age, stage or condition is not dependant on changing your life.

  • Weed off for growth: To reinvent your landscape you would find a new environment for your garden to grow. Just like plants require a new place to grow, your change in perspective matters in changing your life for the better. Start thinking on a new perspective for the better. To bring life in a plant you need to provide it with natural sunlight. Similarly provide your life with natural light of love, compassion and empathy for all those who are around you. A busy schedule makes you lose time on important things like holidays, festivals, family activities, celebrations. Re-schedule your life to acquire the basic things to get a life of warmth and soon you will see the weeds of negativity and unhappiness will go away forever.

  • Weed off for personal satisfaction: Remove the extra baggage of obligations. Quite often we tend to oblige others and neglect ourselves by not thinking about our priorities. Settling down and thinking about things we love doing like painting, singing, reading helps to clear unnecessary weeds of life. An important list of important things which are marked as priorities for you and not for others should be made first thing in the morning. Simple daily events to make you happy are more important things than an important board meeting you are supposed to attend.

  • Weed off for possibility: Extend yourself to all possibilities. We are most of the time limited to certain favors in life called as ‘compulsions’. We are forced to do things we are not so inclined to do. The result is a breakout or boredom. Rather than doing forceful things, redirect yourself to higher possibly and make the most of your potentials. There are people who prefer to take up low paying yet satisfying careers as compared to well paying jobs to please their souls.

  • Weed off for progress: Do regular progress in whatever you chose. Your task might be small yet if regular practice is taken, you will achieve your targets sooner. Anything beside your regular job like volunteering, part time job or any hobby if pursued regularly will give maximum benefits. Commitment is the first thing required to fulfill any task in hand to make sure that you do not get distracted by anything else.

  • Weed off for power: It is very need to cultivating your dreams. Dreams and desires if not completed make you feel restless and incomplete. One’s potential can not be recognized by demeaning jobs. Give wings to your dreams and soar high in the sky. Feel the power of the solar energy combine with your soul and feel the abundant energy surrounding you. Your dreams are the wings to fly to the cloud of aspirations; so let go and soar. Even a housewife whose basic duty is to foster her home and family needs an identity. The weeds of idleness hamper her growth every day. She needs to get rid of these weeds and do something to make herself occupied beside watching television or wasting her time gossiping around. She should soul search and find the talent she is most closely attached to. That would help her to come closer to her self belief.

  • Weed off for youth: Fertilize you inner soul. Just like you give nourishment to the plant to prevent it form decaying, similarly you need to foster your inner talent in the same way. To prevent the fountain of youth to decay and lose its freshness it is important to retain its freshness by learning new things like new hobbies or new degrees. This helps in exercising your grey cells and makes your brain keep working.

  • Weed off for challenges: Give a new base for your plant. It is not always important that your plant catches up growth in a fixed place. It can function better if placed in new surroundings too. And later on give better results too. Similarly a life if given new options to live differently should be tried. If you do not gamble in the game of life you will never know your worth. If you want to find yourself in another challenging profession you should give it a try. Chances are, you might succeed. Therefore life should always be given a second chance. It can work well for marriages also.

Life is a journey which does not have any space for weeds. Uproot them for a better life and see the difference. Just like you care for your plants you need to care for your inner garden too. Nourish your inner garden and feel the difference in your perception.

Author: admin