Conquer Fear

ACTION DEFEATS FEAR- ACTION CURES FEAR- RISE ABOVE YOUR FEARS AND GROW FEARLESS, face the fear and the death of fear is a certainly.
There are two kinds of natural fears while a human being is born.

  1. The fear of falling.

  2. The fear of noise.

All other fears are societal and environmental like is the case with the guilts.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sentence was about to change my life.
Gil Eagles a motivational speaker says, If you want to be successful, you must be willing to be uncomfortable. Gil is right on the money. For achieving your goals and realizing your potential you must be willing to be uncomfortable and do the things that you’re afraid of. That’s the way to you develop your potential!

Sounds very simple yet what do people do while they face frightening situation during a new activity. They turn away from fear. They can’t take action. That is straight approach to loosing.
Any one who faces his or her fears and takes action is the one who is successful.
A person who never makes a mistake is the one who never takes decision.
Most people are afraid or anxious to trying new challenging action. That fear stops people from taking action, people become dumb by fear at one time or another in life. That’s natural also for humans.
Different persons have different fear thresholds. What may frighten one to death might have least impact on the other. For some, speaking in public gives stage fright or starting a new venture is very scary. Many might be afraid asking someone for directions or for a date regardless of how silly one believes ones fear may be, this applies to most people around the world.
About fear, it may or may not be physical risks that might hurt some one or endanger some ones health, for example diving off cliffs. But look at the challenges that come in the way of personal and professional growth and development. These are the things that scare most people but which you know are important if you’re going to get what you want in life.
When one is gripped by fear and anxiety, invariably it is because one is stepping out of one’s comfort zone. It is related to your success and development of your potential.

Every one has a comfort zone, a place of behavior that is familiar and where one feels comfortable and secured. Think of comfort zone as the inside of a circle.
The activities and situations lying inside the circle are non- threatening and familiar. These are part of normal daily life. In this category are subjects like speaking to your family, friends or colleagues or carrying out the daily routine work at the job.
But one some times faces experiences or challenges that are outside ones comfort zone. Farther these are from comfort zone the more afraid you are to take part in that kind of activity.
Remember here that the brain does not distinguish between imagination and reality. Many fears are imaginary. When you confront the fear it vanishes.

Faced with something outside ones comfort zone, one suddenly feels nervousness. May be palms become wet and heart beats faster causing breathlessness making the body numb and still and the mind stops cooperating.
What, why, when , who, how, and where which are your rational decision making aids start feeding negativities of life what will happen, one feels like becoming a joke in ones circle of society.
What fear is holding one back from realizing the next level of success or fulfillment in life.
Is this the fear of confronting new prospects.
Is this the fear of change.
Is this the fear of lack of confidence.
Is this the fear of studying more.
Is this the fear of telling people about the thoughts in your mind.
Is this the fear of stage fright- public speaking.
On a scale of 0-10, 8 or 9 people have very same fear like yours! What most people fear.
Do not become one who allows his regrets take the place of ones dreams.
Action defeats fear, action cures fear so do things you fear and the death of fear is a certainty.
Most common fears people around the world have

  1. Stage fright- public speaking- giving presentations. The majority of people are terrified about speaking in front of a group of people.

  2. Confronting? NO? or having their ideas rejected. This is very common in sales guys in call centers.

  3. Change of job or stating own business venture. More people are having this fear; people yearn for a more satisfying working environment? but are afraid to do anything about it!

  4. Negative news reporting to ones seniors is very common fear among professionals.

  5. Conversing with top Management board. Many workers and senior managers are terrified about speaking to their senior bosses in the company. They even shrink making small talk to the president or CEO for the fear they’ll say something wrong and appear stupid.

  6. Fear of failure engrosses many peoples minds. If you don’t try something new for fear that it won’t work out. Then it may not.

Do you have any of these now ? or have you felt them in the past. The truth is, the overwhelmingly majority of people experience these fears at some point of time in their lives.

If you have some fears that are not on this list, don’t care about it. You are much stronger than any of your fears? and you can overcome them!
Face your fears straight in their faces and you’re on the way to creating your potential and leading a very exciting, fulfilling life you deserve. This decision you will never regret.
Most fears actually don’t actually exist. They are illusions. They are absences. The only essence is light. The moment light is switched on or the sun rises darkness disappears. Every human being is full of light and sound vibrating and dancing energy of the universal soul. Trust in the essences and absences disappear.

The essence of Bhagwad Geeta.  Abandoning of all Dharmas of the mind body and intellect, take refuge in me alone, I shall liberate thee from all sins, greave not. –

Swami Chinmaya Nanda
Remember nothing succeeds like success.
Understand this and there are no sins, guilts or fears left. Be a firm believer in, Krishna is the doer, Arjuna is the medium.

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