Healthy Ageing

Life due to a lot of stress and tension is muddled up and confused. A person is willing to get somewhere but lacks the motivation of getting there. He is instead surrounded by a circle of turmoil and aging signals. He gets old at the age of 35 instead of 53. What is it that makes a person look older than he actually is?

Let us look at he signs of aging and eradicate them before it is too late.

· A neglected diet: Nowadays with upcoming delaines and tight schedules we tend to forget our regular meals. In such haste we tend to wash down everything that comes in our way. A diet devoid of fruits and veggies is as bad as a death at your door step. A person should have meals that include whole grains, fiber and saturated fats that are low in cholesterol. This healthy regime is the slow but surest way to youth and anti-ageing.

· A sedentary lifestyle: People are gearing their lifestyle according to their fast paces careers. They forget to remain fit in their life. Luxury like inexpensive cars, mobile phones, television, internet all have made us inactive. A daily workout maximum of one hour each is enough to pump adrenaline and give a quick rush of energy. This helps in burring more fat and increase metabolic rate. Exercises like running, walking, yoga, playing football, riding bike are all good options for maintain a healthy body and and mind.

· A butt a bay keeps the doctor with you: Smoking can harm a person to quite an extent. Trying to avoid stress, people tend to pick up unhealthy options like smoking and drinking. It has an immediate effect on you fact and can make you ten years older giving wrinkles. However it is never too late to quit and begin a healthy lifestyle. Remember to flush that butt in the toilet before it takes you to hell.

· Exposure to natural calamities: Nature has a bountiful of resources. From food to medicinal herbs, there are options galore for that ageless beauty. But the flip side is the harsh extreme climatic conditions that bring along a host of worries like too much sun, cold winds, dry winds, monsoons, pollution. Remember to protect yourself from the harsh elements of nature to make your skin feel baby soft at all times.

· Alienation: People are so involved in themselves that they forget to stay interconnected with each other. In sickness and happiness they tend to share with themselves. This results in extreme pressure and unhappiness. It is highly impotent to make friends and get interconnected them. By creating a strong social support you will attain a good group of friends who can be there in all times.

· Negativity attracts disaster: A negative approach and a pessimistic attitude often tend to show on the face. It affects your mental well being and in turn ruins your personality. Bringing a positive attribute not only helps you to east life it also makes you younger and fit. It makes people to be ore happier and satisfied than their sad counterparts. Laughter makes you feel younger and makes life easier. It is not important to take everything too personal and feel down in life. Stop worrying and see the silver lining in the cloud. Make each day count and bring youth the child in you. That way toy can ever age.

Author: admin