Crystal Healing

Crystals and stones remained a source of fascination for everyone since ages. Some people used it for decorative purposes and kings and the elite used it in their crowns and other body parts. It was used for exaltation and protection. The people knew its healing, protective properties in ancient times.

These stones were used in rings or as amulet and the rich people used to store them a treasure and it was a symbol of prosperity. But during that period also there were some people who had the knowledge of psychic connections of these beautiful creations of the divine. How these crystals are formed, is not the subject matter here. All quartz and other stones were extensively used by different civilization and it is said that some civilizations misused the powers of the crystals and vanished in the process. or everything there are two energies positive and negative, good or bad. Any energy can be used in either way; if used for good purposes the good karmas are created and vice versa. Similarly there are diseases related to karma and it takes longer time for the karmic to be cured but it can be cured through the help of crystals when these are used in combination of different energies.

The ancient people knew that there are subtle bodies and illness enters into these bodies. Some call it auric or energy bodies. Illness first enters into the energy body and then into the physical body. Yogis have narrated about the chakras and seven energy bodies and all creation is the combination of five elements. So if some imbalance is there, the sickness results. The crystals which is the subject matter of this article is the most intelligent and desireless creation of the divine and the manifestation of elements is very clear in these. Crystals with their psyschic properties, are powerful tools for healing, meditation, dowsing, concentration and divination in our lives. The crystals are also the record-keepers of the ancient wisdom as the chips are used in computers now a days. You never know unless tuned to the psychic of the stone what information is stored in the crystal. But here I am concerned with healing through crystals only. Generally there are two types of crystals transparent and opaque. Some crystals are pointed called laser crystal and some in the forms of pebbles. All these stones are used for healing and these stones have the capability to record the emotions, intentions and desires of the person who is using it. So only because of this quality of programming and sending energies in a concentrated form like a laser beam these are used for healing.

We get crystals in raw form single or in quartz clusters. Some are clear like glass or some have faeries in them or unclear. These stones have the qualities of elements as all living/non living creation on this planet mother earth have. The other form of crystals or stones we see, are in the forms of precious/semi precious cut and polished stones eg. diamond zircon, sapphires, garnets ruby etc. Both types of stones have healing capacities but the natural crystals have more power because of its vicinity or originality and harmony with mother earth. All these crystals whether natural or polished have the properties and qualities of crystal family. The crystals have the qualities of absorbing, storing and projecting the subtle energies like battery cells or car battery which can be charged. Secondly crystals can be programmed and these are the activators or different energy centres and because of these qualities these are used for healing by balancing the chakras and other subtle energy bodies of a person.

In astrology the use of gem stone is well known. The astrologers used to prescribe stones for the correction of ‘graha dasha’ in the forms of rings and amulets. It means they have definitely some knowledge about the powers of these stones. Even today people are using these precious and semi precious stones for health happiness and prosperity but during my research on this subject it is found that if these stones are used after programming, these can play wonders in the lives of the people otherwise it may harm. The most important thing about these crystals is that, these have to be cleansed from the negativity, psychic impressions and old programmes. In other words cleansing is required because crystals have tendency to absorb emotion and negativity of other persons.

How to cleanse these crystals?
There are different ways to cleanse the stones through prayer, through incense, water and sun treatment, salt water treatment and through white brilliant divine light we can cleanse the negativity psychic impressions and old programmes from the cyrstals. The simplest way to cleanse a crystal and recharging with natural energies is – first put the crystal in salt water at least for thirty minutes with an intention to cleanse it from all negativity; take out the crystals and hold them in your hands and allow the cool water pouring. If natural river water is not available use the tap water. Keep the crystals under the water holding in your hands and allow the running tap water flowing over the crystals. Then place them in the sun and allow the sun’s rays to shine through them for at least thirty minutes. Then gently polish the stones with a clean white cotton cloth. There are other ways of cleansing and recharging the crystals which cannot be included in this article because of brevity. All the time the intention plays very important part. You can also take the help of the beings of light and supreme being for cleansing and recharging the stones if you have faith in the presence of divine.

Now the crystal is ready for programming. Crystals don’t have their will and desire like all human beings so it can be used by the human being as a condensor for the fulfilment of their desires. These stones are programmed suiting to the desire of a person if used for any other purpose. A healer programmes his stones for healing purpose. You can programme the crystal for meditation, guidance, illumination and protection from all attacks psychic, emotional etc. One simplest way of programming is: hold the cyrstal lovingly in your hand. Touch into your heart centre and then bring it to the brow or the third eye and programme it with intention. At that time no negative emotion should come to your mind and it should be done in open space under natural environment. It is advisable that crystal should be used for one programme and one purpose for the other purpose use another crystal. At the end thank the supreme being and other angels etc. for helping you in doing that. The sense of gratitude is the essential part of cleansing and programming. The healer generally uses these crystals in two ways – one independently or use by the healer. In first case, the healer puts the different crystals on the different chakras or parts of the body depending on the ailment of the person. For example to remove pain from any part of the body the laser crystal will be put pointing the tip towards the painful area or any red coloured stone ruby, garnet etc. Be put on the painful area or some green coloured crystals will help to disintegrate the pain from the body (as shown in the picture).

In second situation, the healer is pointing the laser crystal towards the chakras or parts of the patient depending on the ailment, and cleanses the diseased energy from the energy body of the patient and energies the body leading to the balance in the body. The disease is the out come of imbalances in the energy bodies/subtle bodies. The crystals are chakral activators and thus help in balancing the energies. The programmed crystal enhance the energies of the healer to the greatest possible level and it saves the healing time and gives relief to the sick in the quickest possible way and time. These crystals are used after programming for pranic healing, element healing and Reiki. Each system of healing uses the powers of crystals in the forms of making grids of energy as in Reiki grid, the crystals are charged with Reiki energy and a grid is formed and if you put the photograph of a person in that grid, the person will get the Reiki Healing through the photograph by the grid. Even if the crystals are not charged or programmed with any type of energy, these are natural projectors and receptors of the natural healing energies. You simply should know at least the properties of the colour. For example green colour has the capabilities to disintegrate and cleanse. It has soothing effect also. Blue colour has anti inflammation properties. Hence these stones were used in rings and amulets to cure various diseases. During my research it was found that the sickness/disease said to be incurable in any medical system is removed with the help of crystal healing for example arthiritis/disc slip/back ache, spondalitis, Rheumatiod, Mumps, B.P. Asthama/Mygraine etc. It can cure anything starting from cold to cancer since it is full of natural divine elemental energies similar to mankind as the clue is given is Yatha Pindey Tatha Brahmandey or God created man in his own image.

For the environmentalists, crystals can be a future tool to cleanse the polluting energies because of its absorbing properties. It can absorb – disintegrate and expel the negative/pollutants converting into positive energy. For the people who are interested to self realisation or want to meet the higher self, the crystal can be used as a medium/as a guide because it has the capacity and capability. It is the perfect representative of the elements. Crystal can play wonders in the lives of the humanity as a whole but its energy should be used only for the purpose otherwise the humanity will face the same fate as in case of Atlantis who misused the powers of the crystals. Accept it as your guide – your friend – protector and healer and you will reach the different level of understanding about these so called stones. Now for you these crystals will no more be the stones but the different loving entity.

The crystals should not be used unprogrammed by the children, weak, old, and esp. the cancer/aids patients otherwise it will hasten the process leading to aggravation of disease. Only an advanced healer of crystal can guide you in this connection.


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