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Film Shooting

Film ShootingFrom the first talkie Indian film, Alam Ara, in 1931 to ‘Black’ in 2005, the Indian film industry Bolly-wood has scaled new heights and witnessed drastic transformation. Bolly-wood as it is popularly known – holds the distinction of being the largest producer of films in the world. And this by no means a petty feat. Bolly-wood produces more number of films than Hollywood today .

The Changing Face of Cinema – Society

From Hollywood to Bolly-wood, Cinema has a great role to play in today’s societies That describes how well and freely this tool of mass media and mass communication is being used in the largest democracy of the world which is also the most important emerging market economy along with.
What makes film industry and film making such a thriving, ever in vogue industry. Film making is a creative pursuit at the core, which draws people by the hordes to its viewing. What makes this form of art so enchanting is that it does not cater to needs of people rather makes them live their dreams through it .This is a medium of story telling effectively and creatively.

A film is the most appealing and popular form of entertainment because it makes us live our emotions through other real people. It depicts our joys and sorrows, desires and weaknesses, hardships and strengths and makes them credible. It is a visible catharsis, giving us an emotional and entertaining support. Another aspect of film making that makes it a winning choice of entertainment is that it is an amalgam and outcome of numerous creative fields coming together. We may enjoy reading, music, dancing, acting, designing, etc as separate interests. But when the best of scripts, music, choreography and acts unite, the aesthetic value of the product is enhanced manifold. A good film is a wholesome act of human creativity in various forms at its best. Enhance it with a stroke of technological finesse and the result is a world class product. The film makers have now realized that art and technology cannot be kept disjointed for long. Technology and multimedia do not overshadow art; it complements and supplements the artistic vision. Special computerized effects are being integrated into film making to create a deeper impact.

Newest possibilities of film making have emerged with the technological revolt. A complete new genre of animated film making is on the cards. Animation has always had a huge market in the West with high budget animated movies being successfully made and accepted by the audience. But the now the trend has crossed over to other markets as well. Though the industry is still in its nascent stage, the concept has been taken well. There has also been an impetus in the regional cinema entertaining millions of people around. Hollywood movies are accepted world wide. Bolly-wood has also adopted an International approach with bidding for Oscars. Lot of folk transcontinental music promoting the identity of particular places has been pouring in.

Further with the world going global and the economy surging, Bolly-wood could not have ignored the changes for long. One of the much needed and impending change in Bolly-wood was to accord it the status of an industry so that it can corporatise itself and one day stand equal to Hollywood and other international film industries. For an industry with spiraling stakes in terms of both money and men, an entrepreneurial approach is of utmost importance to optimize the potential of people and earn maximum rewards from the unrelenting efforts put in. With the breath of fresh film makers stepping in the industry globally there are corporate production houses coming up with a more savvy and professional outlook.

A corporate working culture is making the industry more organized and well functioning. The budget of each movie is sky rocketing with extravagant sets, designer clothing, exquisite locations and high priced stars. But if this winning combination fails to ring the box office, it surely sounds a death knell for the producer. Insurance cover of movies is the latest and the wisest precaution against such death knells. Another encouraging response that has come up is from the financial institutions, venture capital funds, and private equity funds that are willing to lend for aspiring and promising film projects.
These sweeping changes will structure the entire industry for a better and successful cause in the emerging economies. A consequence of this changing work pattern and style is that the films of today are being made for a wider audience across countries. Hollywood has been a leader in this field. There have been cases of films doing below average business in the local markets but catching the fancy of the overseas audience. Films are being made keeping in mind the global audience’s taste, cross-cultural backgrounds and new linguistic trends. There have been trend setters, crossing the geographical barriers and leading the art to a new level.

Internet is playing a new great role in promoting films and their music through the Dvd’s. Mobile phones are taking the music and ring tone downloads to great heights. With a slew of new and young talents, both as actors and film makers, joining the band wagon, there is a strong and popular emergence of parallel cinema which goes beyond sheer entertainment. Scope and need for such meaningful cinema has grown with the expanding number of educated audience that looks for more than amorous entertainment in films. The issues they take up are contemporary, socially germane and important to be voiced.

Hollywood, Bolly-wood and other international film industries have always exerted considerable influence on audience’s psyche. The sheen and shimmer of their life style has lured many a small town youths, giving them larger than life dreams. While some have made it to the top, others are completely lost in the Vanity Fair. They say tinsel town with its silver screen is not all roses and stars. Media has unearthed and showed the exploitative tactics and criminal links of the Page 3 people. In many cases characters are compromised, deals are struck and stars are created overnight as shown in many films and Tv shows. Behind this razzmatazz lies a world of filthy manipulations. While the media has publicized the distasteful flavor of the film industry, the youthful desires of fame and glamour still favor it substantially.

With such tremendous influence of the film industry on the masses, it owes an obligation to them. The general public emulates the on screen character’s language, mannerism and attire. When the actors and film makers are showered with adulation, they have a social responsibility towards their admirers. Film making is an art that is entertaining millions of people, giving dreams to their eyes and temporary amnesia from the daily trials and tribulations of life. But when this entertainment becomes perverse, gory and decadent, the art is lost and what remains is a money spinning gimmick. It is not about passing the buck onto others but there is a greater responsibility on the media and film makers towards creating a more mature and healthy society for the simple reason that masses follow the opening day screens. The world is changing and so are the people. In these changing times, something has to be permanent and that is the sense of choosing between right and wrong.

There are definitely some film makers who have their soul placed rightly in their Body and Mind which directs their universal energies in creating some art which the society relishes for decades and salutes those art creators from the core of their hearts. Scott Adams said, “Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art knows which ones to keep”. There is an exodus of creativity in our times, but art must come up with the same frequency for a more pleasant and tasteful entertaining world.

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