Dreams listen to the voice of your soul

Listen to the voice of your soul

Listen to the voice of your soulWhen love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” said, John Young.

This is a statement of profound wisdom, which when understood and applied, will make our lives no less beautiful than Mona Lisa’s smile. Each one of us is a dreamer. It gives us immense pleasure to self-weave the threads of reality. And it is perfectly healthy to dream big and dream more. All of us have varied dreams relating to our personal and professional lives. But ever wondered why do we dream and relish it so much.

Dreaming is a natural phenomena and it has a deeper purpose than you realize. DREAM IS THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR SOUL. Unlike body, your soul does not use words for expression, it uses pictures. And your dreams are these pictures. There is another beauty of our soul. Our dreams (soul’s language) are never petty. We dream of happiness, goodness and abundance. This is because no matter how depraved our mind and body may be, the soul in each one of us is still gentle and pure. However the problem with us is we do not take our dreams seriously. We either look at them as an escape from our non-confirming reality or a wishful reality. The contemporary inspirational guru Robin Sharma says, “The very fact that you have a desire or a dream means that you have the corresponding capacity to realize it.” The pensive part is that we love dreaming but we do not love our dreams enough. Our soul gives us the dreams, but only when our heart begins to love and respect them, the mind begins to work on it. So the first step to your dream reality is “Love and believe in your dreams.” Now let us assume that the soul and the heart have done their jobs, so it is time for the mind and body to step in. When we believe in our dreams, our mind commences to look for opportunities and the body is fuelled with energy and vibrancy to work persistently. It is here that the love of our dreams and the ability of our mind amalgamate to create the masterpiece reality. I know one question that has come up in the minds of a lot of readers is that they have dreamt (like everybody else), have set goals and have slogged, but the dreams have eluded them for long. Something somewhere goes wrong taking you to square one.

Some of us wished to become high-profile lawyers; others dreamt of composing beautiful lyrics, some others desired to construct skyscrapers, so on and so forth. While some fulfill their dreams others keep striving and finally stifle their dreams and surrender. So does God play favorites? It would be a weak man’s rationalization to say that He does. Being an enterprising entrepreneur is another worthy dream and widely pervasive in the X-generation youth. But more often than not, without realizing, we set goals which are different from our dreams and we invariably stumble. Remember that your dream was to be an enterprising entrepreneur but you set your goal as earning a million dollars a year. Your material goals soon overlap the dream of innovation. The mind begins to side your GOALS, but your heart and soul do not rejoice in this. In the process there is disharmony all around you because neither component of your existence is satisfied. Victor Frankl said it beautifully when he wrote, “Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. It must ensue.” Dreams are about self-worth and you barter them for net worth.

Initially, when we misinterpret our goals as our dreams, the determined mind puts all its energy into achieving the goals and we enjoy the process. But soon the zest begins to wane. The erstwhile challenges now look like impregnable roadblocks. Everything goes haywire. The law books become soporific, the blue prints of tall buildings tire you or the writer’s block appears. This is the signal that goals and dreams have been divorced. The goals are to mint money and stack wealth. There is absolutely nothing wrong in material goals but then we must stop cribbing about the disorienting work, the fatigue and the cheerless office because you left your dreams behind. The universe with all its energies conspires to fulfill your dreams . Universe is full of abundance . Balance your dreams and goals and realize your dreams and receive abundance . The will-power of your mind and all bodily perseverance will not give results anymore because the vital components of heart and soul are not in tandem with your mind. The roadblocks are usually created out of the discord of mind, heart and soul. But at times you will also find speed breakers on the expressway of your dreams. But these are only a trick of the universe or the Higher Power to strengthen you and test you. God actually wants you to accelerate your speed at every speed breaker but if you fall in the trap and halt there, you only disappoint yourself and God. Dreams are the soul’s longing, so if you patiently and persistently believe in them, nothing can stop them from becoming reality.

Dreams are about how you FEEL and not about how much you collect. Don’t let your goals override your dreams because when that happens, dreams become distant in life and goals become grudges of life. Keep your dreams in front of your eyes and not the back of your mind, they will find their way to reveling reality.

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