Do it yourself Shiatsu

Shiatsu is becoming extremely popular as a treatment for numerous ailments and stress in all its forms – and experts say thatthe therapy can help restore tired sex lives.

Shiatsu originated in ancient China and developed in Japan. Translated, the word means finger or thumb pressure and implies that the practitioner, by applying pressure, effects responses in the patient’s body which result in changes in the body function.

There are other means of applying this pressure such as pounding, stretching and rocking. Arm, elbow, knee and foot pressure can also be used.

The therapy is performed on a futon (a large padded mat on the floor) and is deeply invigorating.

For some time it has been recognised that Shiatsu improves sleep and relieves symptoms such as headaches, but there are other, more subtle changes such as clarity of thought.

Shiatsu is based on the idea that the body and mind operate as one-created by, maintained by and running on, energy.

This energy circulates along passageways called meridians running through the body. Along the meridians are points called tsubo which are areas of low electromagnetic energy. These tsubo are where the energy is especially responsive to Shiatsu.
Shiatsu practitioners teach that the meridians and tsubo are related to the body organs and are vital to correct functioning of the whole body.

Therefore, when symptoms such as pain or stress-related ailments occur, these point to stagnation or an imbalance within the body. Through various methods of manipulation, a stimulating effect can be relayed back to the troublesome area.

The techniques used to create stimulation are called tonification and those used to disperse energy, sedation.

As Ray Ridolfi, a principal of the British School of Shiatsu says: “This is not a superficial massage. Shiatsu goes much deeper and works on the body’s own energy force.

“We don’t just look at the symptoms, we look for the weak link in a person’s energy flow and work on that to create balance and restore to the body’s energy to its normally strong and powerful state”.

A flagging libido can be explained and invigorated through Shiatsu, say experts.

Concentrated thinking leads to an imbalance in the body’s centre of gravity they explain. Too much attention is focused on the cerebral upper body, detracting energy from the torso.
In Shiatsu, the belly area is referred to as the Hara, and this is the focus of energy and circulation-body’s centre point.

The Hara controls the movement of the lower torso, its organs and the reproductive systems. Therefore, an imbalance in energy in this area leads to impairment of reproductive and sexual vitality.

Problems in the lower back, stiffness, flaccid buttocks, weakness in the inner thighs and weakness of the abdominal muscles all indicate weakness in the reproductive function, teach practitioners of Shiatsu.

The aim of the Shiatsu therapist is to rebalance and re-focus energy to tonify and gather energy into the Hara area through which it can reach the whole system, especially the reproductive organs.

Here are some ways to stimulate and improve your own sexual vitality, recommended by the British School of Shiatsu. You can use fingers, knuckles or hands to apply medium pressure on any of the points for approximately 15 seconds at a time (unless otherwise stated).


The exercises are safe and easy to follow and can be done on your own or preferably with a loving partner.

Exercise One: Let’s begin with the lumbar region. Between the second and third lumbar vertebrae is a major vessel point which activates kidney and renal energy. Lie on your back and pres your fists into this area for 15 seconds.

Exercise two : Lie down on your back and with clenched fists underneath your body, massage your buttocks. Move around on your fists and your weight helps to improve the circulation of the blood which, in turn, releases toxins.

Exercise three : To stimulate the kidney meridian, which controls sexual vitality, use your hands to rub against the kidney area until it feels warm to the touch.

Exercise four : To strengthen the inner thighs, lie on your back and bring your heels towards your buttocks. Then, using a beach ball (or anything similar) squeeze the ball between your knees six to 10 times, breathing out as you squeeze.

Exercise Five : By stopping urination mid flow and then starting again, you can strengthen and improve the control of your genital muscles.

Exercise Six : Bent knee sit – ups tuck your feet under the settee and carefully raise your upper torso. Begin by doing this five to 10 times per session and over the weeks increase it by five sit – ups per week.

Exercise Seven : Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet apart and your back straight. Using your muscles, draw up the vagina/testicles and then release.
Draw up; release. Draw up; release. Breathe in as you draw up and out as your release. This should be done 10 to 20 times at a session and can be done twice a day.

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