Easy Foods-But are They Really Good

Man has always been a luxury recipient trying to find comfort in the materialistic things surrounding him. Due to the fast paced economic activities he has very little time to consume healthy and properly cooked food. Everyone is in a rush these days.

The homemaker who has to rush to office quickly prepares breakfast and slides ready to eat munchies in her and her family’s Tiffin’s; the husband who is engrossed in giving the last minute peek in his presentation gulps down cups of coffee or the hassled kids who cover up for their delayed rising hurriedly gobble down their breakfast. Resting and enjoying meals at the dining table has become a thing of the past. This race against time endures a lot of pressure on their mental and physical development. It leads to stress followed by diseases.

An Average Home always stocks supplies of convenient foods. They are bottled syrups, artificially flavored drinks, jams, sauces, jelly, marmalade, sandwich spreads, cheese, pasteurized butter etc. The list is endless. Any new product launched in the market will soon find a new space in the kitchens of the modern household. The strange part is that though the number is increasing, they do not contain any nutrient value. Besides the bottled or tinned foods, instant ice creams or artificially flavored soft drinks tops the list of being the most hazardous to health. A glimpse of the production of these Easy foods is enough to convince you not to go ahead with baying the same product.

The food additives used in the manufacture of these foods are:

  • Artificial coloring and flavoring agents

  • Chemical preservatives

  • Defoliants

  • Stabilizers

Chemical additives used in the production of convenient foods are highly toxic and harmful for our body. For instance:

  • Preservatives and color agents induce liver disorders and can also lead to cancer. Food additives like Saccharine, Sculpture Dioxide, Nitrates cause serious health problems. Though they have been banned in many western countries they still find space in some.

  • Artificially flavored fruit syrups contain substances to impair the vital organs.

  • Bottled or tin artificially foods contain white sugar in large quantity.

  • Instant mixes contain chemicals to cause disorders in the liver, gall bladder, and kidney and also cause fetus abnormalities and increased cholesterol.

The end product of these commodities is harsh and plays havoc on the lives of people. But the best thing is a little bit discipline at home and self-control is enough to ward off diseases. The media creates hype about new age produce and lures viewers with antics. The adults and especially children should be taught about the dangers of these products and how it can affect them in the long run.
Review: The modern age junk foods are infarct more dangerous that their

Deliciousness. One must control and follow discipline.
Mind Body Soul has lot to do with the quality and the quantity of food.
Love yourself and eat with love what nature has provided us the human beings in abundance.

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