Meal Time And Fun Time

Here are some ways to inculcate health and interest at meal times:

The table should be laid in such a manner to invite the family members and not rid them away from the dining table. A beautiful dining table sheet with properly laid mats is compulsory to invite sophistication and elegance while eating. Mats with plates and cutlery kept on them very appropriately are also very essential to compliment the natural setting of the dining table.

  • Start off the meal with a simple prayer. This promotes feeling of appreciation and gratitude amongst all.

  • Take a deep breathe and allow yourself to relax while eating.

  • The quality of the meal should be mild and moderate. The food should be less spicy and naturally flavored arousing the appetite of the members.

  • Encourage serving small portions to all the members making them enjoy more with less quality thereby enjoying the natural taste of food with their hearts content.

  • Colorful salads can be prepared along with the food to provide health and tangible flavor in the meal.

  • The television should be specifically turned off since it divers the attention of the family members causing them to over eat.

  • Children can be given differently cut sandwiches, or finger foods like fruits and cheese cut into small pieces.

  • Discussing the day’s events can be very enjoyable since it is a good time to exchange thoughts and share opinions with each other.

  • Clearing the table with your children’s efforts would bring in feelings of harmony and cooperation thus fostering values of care towards the family members.

    It is very important to inculcate such values in a family since it fosters feelings of satisfaction and promotes well being. Children learn lot with these basic things and tend to do a lot in their lives.

    Review: Family time is a good time to sincerely develop unity and ethical values .Hindu philosophers have always emphasized.

    The importance eating together.

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