Veg or Non-Veg

Man is called the supreme creation ever created by God. He has created Plants, animals yet the human soul is his finest creation. He is said to be gifted with the sixth sense or the power to differentiate between good and bad.

This unique gift is not found in anyone else so he is considered superior than anything else. But does the superior human being realize that the power given to him should not be misused to kill other creatures on this planet so lovingly made by God. Eating the flesh of other animals is as bad as cannibalism.

According to a famous saying in Bhagwat Gita. Man is what he Eats.

There are numerous reasons supporting the fact that non-vegetarianism is equivalent to being a sinner.

  • Man has been gifted with emotional virtues like compassion, humility, piety, nobility, simplicity and love. Living on Flesh food forces the human to have feeling like lust, greed, anger, vengeance, hatred etc that encompasses to spoil his character.

Eating Flesh is like making us move away from the blessings of God as in his eye it is a sin to kill an animal.
Any good deed is shunned if flesh is consumed. To satisfy his hunger and develop his taste buds he gets the animal killed for his selfish deeds. Thus the journey of bad Karmas goes on.

  • It has been clearly mentioned that man’s food is only that which grows on this Earth. Our Human body is made to savor the taste of food from the plant kingdom and not created to live on Flesh.

  • Also the Bowel movements of the Flesh Eaters are disturbed. This is due to the fact that the Non-veg food remains in the body for 17-18 hours and takes longer to digest than the vegetarian food. Thus it leads to a lot of problems in evacuating the body with its waste matter.

  • Since the waste matter is ejected very late it produces toxins in the body which later on lead to diseases. It even poisons the blood stream through absorption.

  • The natural process of chewing is also over burdened since flesh takes longer time to be chewed. On the other hand, Vegetables are easily chewed because the saliva juice helps in easy absorption of starch. As the flesh is not chewed properly it goes in the same form and sticks to the intestines, which delays absorption and digestion.

  • Food from the plant kingdom gives energy and good health. Whereas flesh contains saturated fats leading to indigestion.

  • The chemicals release while cooking flesh is harmful and full of toxins to disturb the healing energy of the body.

There is no doubt those Vegetarian foods tops the list in every respect of being nutritional, affordable, ethical and biological. Vegetarianism elevates man to be blessed by God.

REVIEW: The vegetarian food is in great Abundance and it is very affluent in its Grace to give total health wealth and wisdom.

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